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New Release: Sylius 1.8 with API Platform and Loyalty points system

We proudly present to you the latest version of the Sylius eCommerce Platform – 1.8, which comes with a brand new, unified API powered by API Platform, Loyalty points system for Sylius Plus, and as you can probably see, a brand new sylius.com website!


This new release is a result of over 1.000 commits and 240+ Pull Requests. The repository on GitHub almost reached an amazing milestone of 6k stars and Sylius Standard is installed, at the record-breaking frequency, 1.200 times per day. (via Composer)


We have worked on improving the standard edition’s APIs but also introduced many improvements to the Sylius Plus edition. Have a look at the highlights:

API Platform for commerce via any interface

Sylius has been successfully used as a headless eCommerce platform for the past few years on many projects although there is always room for improvement, right? Mid-market merchants and enterprises experiment with new business models, new interfaces, and need a solid foundation to build on.

The main challenge was that we had 2 separate APIs: Admin API for administration operations and Shop API for the shop interactions, like cart and checkout. Another tension we wanted to resolve was the technical standardization of the API. Previous APIs have been built using our own engine. And at Sylius, we do not like to reinvent the wheel because we want to focus on the commerce part of the system.

API Platform is a REST and GraphQL framework to build modern API-driven projects, a de-facto standard in the Symfony world.

All this makes building customer-centric projects with Sylius even easier and opens the door for providing cutting-edge interfaces for eCommerce.

The features covered by the API Platform are product catalog, cart and checkout. We continue to cover more scenarios with new implementation and will keep you posted with progress. You can play with the new APIs on the live demo, available here.

Loyalty points system

(Available only in Sylius Plus)

In the Sylius Plus edition, we have introduced a loyalty points system, which allows you to define point rewards for spending a specific amount and let your customers spend these points to get discounts in the store. We have designed it to be very flexible, so apart from defining different rules, you can attach it to the promotions engine and leverage all additional rules and actions.

If you are looking at a strategic project, that might benefit from this and other Enterprise-grade features like multi-warehouse inventory, advanced user permissions, and returns management – schedule a live demo with one of our advisors. We are always excited about new challenges!

Other features and improvements

In this release, you will also find plenty of other new features, bug fixes, and improvements. We list some of the most interesting ones below:

  • Flexible configuration of shipping rules for each shipping method (PR contributed by Joachim);
  • Debugging the current cart in the Symfony Profiler (PR);
  • Defining promotion coupons in fixtures (PR contributed by Jakob);
  • The original price (strike-through) is now visible on the product page (PR contributed by Julien)
  • Documentation for the order processor (PR contributed by Max);
  • Toggling individual variants of the product (PR contributed by Manuele);
  • Searching for coupons by code (PR contributed by Victor);
  • Filtering orders by the shipping method (PR contributed by Jacques);
  • Adding help text to forms (PR contributed by Oliver);
  • Filtering products by channel (PR)
  • The administration menu is now searchable (PR contributed by Florian);
  • Switching the timeframe on the dashboard statistics (Core Team effort);
  • Plenty of minor UI/UX tweaks in the administration panel (likewise).

Thank you

We are extremely grateful for our amazing community with all the code and feedback contributions. A huge high five goes to our in-house team who is tirelessly implementing new features, making improvements while reviewing and merging contributed Pull Requests!

Try it!

You can discover the latest version of Sylius the way you prefer:


You can try an online demo of Sylius here or request a live demo, where one of our Advisors will guide you through the platform and help figure out if our technology fits your project. No scripted sales talks, we promise. 🙂


If you are a developer, our brand new download page will guide you through the installation and point to a tutorial that explains the fundamentals of Sylius development.


To upgrade your existing project, please review the UPGRADE instructions on GitHub and take a look at the full CHANGELOG.

What is next?

We continue to evolve Sylius as the best Open Source Headless eCommerce platform on the market and you can learn more about our current roadmap here.

Paweł Jędrzejewski
Self-taught developer and entrepreneur, who has built an entire career and business through Open Source technology. Speaker at international conferences. PHPers meetups co-organizer. Keen on helping other young entrepreneurs and companies who may want to follow a similar path.
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