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TOP 5 most popular Sylius plugins for your ecommerce

Sylius offers a range of features out-of-the-box: an intuitive administration panel, flexible product management, and support for multiple languages and currencies. However, like any e-commerce platform, there are always ways to improve and enhance the functionality of your online store. This is where Sylius plugins come in!

Sylius plugins are the perfect solution if you’re looking for a code to implement on your platform without reinventing the wheel. The number of plugins is growing fast with over 80 of them available in Sylius Store — a marketplace for Sylius extensions. To ease your choice and get you acquainted with them, let’s take a look at the top five most downloaded Sylius plugins.

Refund Plugin (Official Plugin by Sylius)

RefundPlugin is one of the plugins developed by the Sylius Core Team. As the name suggests, with this plugin you can quickly set up the refund process and thus smooth your customers’ journey. Once an order is paid, you are able to access the refunds section of a given order and perform a refund of chosen items or shipments. If a more detailed scenario occurs, it’s possible to refund an item partially or refund one order several times – once a whole order’s total is refunded the order becomes fully refunded.

Sitemap-plugin by stefandoorn

Having a sitemap on your ecommerce website is essential for SEO. This plugin by stefandoorn creates a sitemap index file to point to sub sitemap files per type of data. The default providers are: taxons, products and static content (homepage & contact), but you can easily add your own providers. 

CMS by BitBag

If you wish to edit the content of your store easily in the admin panel with a WYSIWYG editor, choose the CMS plugin by BitBag. This plugin makes it easy to add dynamic blocks with images, text, or HTML to your storefront as well as pages and a FAQ section. You can group blocks by sections and display them as e.g. slides, blog posts list, promo banners grid, footer links, and more. The images can be uploaded directly in the admin panel.

PayPal Plugin (Official Plugin by Sylius)

This plugin is developed and maintained by the Sylius Core Team to let you easily integrate your ecommerce with PayPal Commerce Platform by two-side operations between Sylius & PayPal administration panels (payments, refunds, reports, etc.). It offers global support for over 100 currencies across 200+ markets with popular regional payment methods, i.e. iDeal, SEPA, Sofort, eps, Griopay or Przelewy24. With the PayPal plugin you can boost your conversion rates thanks to direct checkout from both product and cart page. 

Invoicing Plugin (Official Plugin by Sylius)

The InvoicingPlugin from the Sylius Core Team will get your invoices in order. When a customer creates an order, they’ll automatically receive an invoice — and so will you. This plugin features autofilling data of the customer and the company (name, address, billing data). You can browse, filter and download invoices in the administration panel. The plugin also lets you resend an invoice to the customer from the admin panel.

These are just a few examples of the many plugins available for Sylius. Whether you’re looking to add new functionality to your store or simply want to make it easier for customers to use, there’s likely a plugin that can help. The only question remains – how to get the plugins? From our Sylius Store obviously, where you can find more than 80 different plugins, including all those mentioned above. Happy coding!

Olga Smętek
Olga recently joined Sylius as a Marketing Partner. She helps with social media management and e-mail marketing - if you subscribed to Sylius’ newsletter, you probably got a message from her! Passionate about travelling and learning languages.
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