Introducing Sylius Plus
News Technical 4 min read
We are extremely excited to announce Sylius Plus – the next step in the evolution of our product. After carefully gathering feedback from the community, customers and our partners, we introduce a commercial value-proposition that will get your business catalyzed*. Read More
Sylius v1.4.0 released
News Technical 3 min read
The first minor Sylius release in 2019 has been published! The role-based authorization control plugin, enhanced password hashing, developer experience improvements, decluttered testing architecture, PHP 7.3 support, closer integration with Symfony ecosystem – all of those made its way into v1.4.0. Core changes This release focuses… Read More
How to issue an invoice in Sylius?
Technical 2 min read
All aboard the plugin train! What if once you have ordered some products and completed the payment process you would receive an email with a pdf document as a proof of placing the order? What’s more, this file would also contain both your and shop’s name, address and… Read More
A simple way to cancel your orders in Sylius
News Technical 2 min read
Hello everyone! Another week means another official Sylius plugin discussed. Although the customer is now able to reorder a previously placed order and to refund it, there’s still plenty of order-related features that need to be covered. Have you ever placed an order, not paid for it yet… Read More
Refund Plugin
News Technical 3 min read
Hello everyone! Today is the second time I am going to talk about Sylius plugins developed by the Sylius Core Team. Since we have covered the topic of reordering a previously placed order by a customer, let’s assume that the… Read More
Customer Reorder Plugin
Business News Technical 3 min read
Hello everyone! With this blog post, I would like to shortly unveil the approach that we as the Sylius team adapted during new features development and introduce some effects of our work. Introduction Recently it’s been a good time for Sylius when it comes to the… Read More
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