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Tymoteusz Stengert
05.01.2018 | 2 mins read

A Month of Sylius #6 (December 2017)

The last month of the year was like the calm before the storm. We’ve been putting the finishing touches on the redesign of our website and the Partner Program launch. Also, we simply enjoyed the Christmas break.

Sylius Development Highlights

1) Sylius v1.0.6

2) Sylius v1.0.7 – the newest version with installation process fixes. v1.1 coming this month!

They Talked About Us

1) Sylius Founder Paweł Jędrzejewski has got his own blog “Paweł Does Open Source” going for good. Follow him if you are interested in Open Source issues. Want to know how to develop an Open Source product and iterate on it? Take a look at this recent blog post.

2) Mikołaj Król from BitBag gave a talk “BDD in Symfony” at PHPers Trójmiasto #13 (a meetup in Gdańsk, Poland). Of course, it refers to Sylius and our usage of the best testing tools like Behat or phpspec. Here you can see the slides.

3) We were mentioned in the eBook “eCommerce trends from 2017 to 2018” by the biggest polish eCommerce agency, Divante. Thanks!

4) Another Sylius meetup took place in Madrid at Elemento115 HQ. A local Spanish community learned how to build a theme in our framework. We are waiting for the summary ;).

5) There’s a progress with Netgen Layouts. The version 0.10 was released with several new features, improved eZplatform integration and a new Sylius integration. Read more.

6) Our friends from Liip are hiring Sylius developers for the upcoming projects in Zurich. Check the offer here.

7) BitBag have just announced that they will provide a ticket system for PHPers Summit 2018 (one of the biggest polish meetups for PHP developers). It will be based on Sylius and will give our community another great extension for popular polish payment gateway: SyliusPrzelewy24Plugin. You can contribute to the development of this plugin here.

Upcoming Events

1) Another trainings for European eCommerce agencies are on the way.

2) We will announce our first official Solution Partners in the upcoming weeks.

3) New website is just around the corner.

4) We’re working on a local PHP community meetup in our city. More news soon!

Sylius Company Life

1) On the beginning of December Łukasz was busy evangelising PHP developers in Toulouse with Sylius. He gave a training to our friends Emagma, led a workshop and talk at the ApéroPHP meetup (the most popular local PHP meetups series). On the last day he visited FrontCommerce & Occitech office to discuss API approach to eCommerce. See the photo cover of the entire trip.

2) Mateusz gave a 3 day training to TriSoft, Symfony web development agency from Romania. We should see some great Sylius-based projects afterwards in 2018! See the photo cover.

3) Magdalena presented a talk “Transforming a Developer into a Project Manager” on InfoMeet, job fairs in Wrocław. We are proud to inspire other young people to build a career in IT.

4) We were visited by one of the most experienced polish software architect and trainer Mariusz Gil just before the Christmas break. Many inspiring talks on high-level concepts will hopefully let us improve our work. Thanks for the meeting, Mariusz!

5) Finally, we have managed to work on the content strategy for our blog. Expect some awesome articles touching upon technological and eCommerce issues. Sylius know-hows involved!

6) We had a lovely Christmas Eve in Fatamorgana. Recommended restaurant if you’re nearby in Łódź ;).


With our batteries fully recharged, we have high hopes for 2018. Thank you for all the Christmas Wishes that you have sent us. Let’s shape the world of eCommerce technology together!

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