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Month of Sylius: December 🎄

Sylius had a vibrant and productive month in December, filled with exciting developments and accomplishments. From successful project implementations to expanding language options, Sylius continued to thrive. Notably, the community was engaged through blogs and social media mentions, and Sylius Team and Core Team members actively participated in SymfonyCon. Additionally, opening a new headquarters in Opole, Poland, marked a significant step towards enhancing workflows and fostering a culture of learning and development.

Product updates

In December, we’ve been dedicated to advancing both the functionality and stability of our platform. Our team, along with invaluable contributions from our community, has been actively addressing a wide array of updates. Key highlights include significant API improvements, such as the addition of validation for product variant options and enhanced documentation for our Admin API. These effort not only refine our existing features but also ensure a more robust and user-friendly experience. Additionally, dependency management remains a top priority towards maintaining our system’s reliability and security. Moreover, December saw a series of vital maintenance activities and refinements. The merging of various upmerge pull requests, like those from 1.13 to 2.0, demonstrates our commitment to staying current and progressive in our version management. On the documentation front, efforts spearheaded by contributors have led to the extended maintenance date of version 1.12 and an update of future releases, ensuring our users have the latest and most accurate information at their disposal. Such updates are crucial as they directly impact the ease of use and accessibility of our platform, further solidifying Sylius as a dependable and evolving eCommerce solution. We are on the good track to release 1.13 in the upcoming product sprints, which means that you can expect it to be around soon!

Most active external contributors

As usually, this month we’d love to give an extra appreciation to those individuals, who provide us with contributions, that significantly improve our product, yet are not directly hired by Sylius. Thank you for your support! 💪

Announced project victories ✌️

In December, Sylius was successfully implemented in three projects. Take a look! ⬇️

Synolia guided Quitoque in moving their website over to the Sylius

The company Quitoque, established in 2014, specializes in delivering meal kits for cooking. Initially, they developed a single, large-scale platform to manage their operations. However, this platform became too complex and challenging to manage over time. Realizing the need for a change, Quitoque partnered with Synolia, our Leading Solution Partner, to transition their platform to Sylius. For more details about this project, you can check out the Synolia’s blog.

Creative Web Solutions migrated online store from Prestashop to Sylius

Our Professional Solution Partner, Creative Web Solution, successfully migrated the Jambissima online store, which sells underwear and tights, from an older platform based on Prestashop 1.6 to Sylius. This significant project involved moving over 3,600 products and 18,000 customer accounts to the new system. For more details about this migration, you can visit our partner’s blog post.

Passion Barbecue, a new online store build on Sylius

Passion Barbecue is a brand-new online store created from a genuine love for grilling and the desire to share this passion with others. The store’s development, which took nine months, was carried out on the Sylius. Considering that Sylius is an open-source platform, it’s likely that the development was spearheaded by Sylius enthusiasts, who brought both their technical skills and passion for Sylius to the project. This dedication is reflected in the store’s design and functionality, catering to the needs and interests of grilling enthusiasts.

Blog articles about Sylius

December was packed with engaging and helpful blog posts. Be sure to check out these recent articles to stay current and discover valuable insights:

Expanding language offers 🇩🇪🇫🇷

We’re adding German to our language options better to accommodate the growing interest from German-speaking partners and clients. This decision reflects our dedication to serving this market more effectively. Adam Heinsius, our DACH Partnership Manager, will lead this effort, ensuring that our case studies and blogs are available in German.

This is just the start of expanding our multilingual offerings. Next, we plan to introduce French, guided by our French Partnership Manager, Emil Janiszewski.

Sylius at SymfonyCon

Our Sylius Team and Core Team members showed up at SymfonyCon in Brussels, a conference dedicated to Symfony enthusiasts, attended by approximately 1,500 people from all over the world. It was an incredible networking opportunity with participants and representatives from Sulu CMS, Platform.sh, Commerce Weavers, EMAGMA, Monsieur Biz and SensioLabs, which sparked participants’ interest in Sylius certifications and training opportunities, highlighting the continued growth and dynamism of our community. We would also like to thank Olivier Kossin for leading an engaging workshop on Sulu CMS, during which Olivier discussed the applications of Sulu in headless eCommerce and how Sylius can be smoothly integrated with a front-end online store management system.

EMAGMA organized online Sylius training

EMAGMA, our Official Training Partner, offers an in-depth, 3-day online training program focused on Sylius’ technical aspects. This training is designed for eCommerce professionals looking to enhance their Sylius skills. Conducted on Discord, the training provides an interactive environment with live screen sharing, detailed presentations, and the use of PHPStorm for efficient code sharing and demonstration.

Throughout the course, participants will engage in hands-on exercises hosted on Git, allowing for practical application of the concepts being taught. EMAGMA’s experts will guide attendees step-by-step through these exercises, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of Sylius functionalities and best practices in e-commerce development.

Also, the “Sylius Expert” training is dedicated to those who are already familiar with Sylius and want to learn everything about its internal mechanisms.

This training is ideal for developers and anyone interested in mastering Sylius. For further information and availability, and to secure your place in this highly sought-after training, please contact EMAGMA directly at [email protected]!

Social media mentions

As we do every month, we want to highlight the most engaging mentions by reviewing our social media. Check out this month’s standouts: ⬇️

SyliusCon presentation 

In December, we launched our weekly series with talks from SyliusCon speakers. These insightful presentations are accessible on our YouTube channel, perfect for those eager to gain expert knowledge. And to ensure you’re constantly updated with the latest, keep an eye on our social media channels.

Check out some of the presentations we’ve recently uploaded.

New headquarter 🏢

At the end of December, we significantly streamlined our work by opening a new headquarters in Opole, Poland. This strategic move aimed to optimize our workflows, especially in sales and marketing. We plan to organize workshops for the Sylius Team, turning our space into a place of continuous learning and development. Moreover, we are happy to host our partners and organize small meetings nearby!

Summary of the summary

This month’s journey, marked by inspiring accomplishments and new beginnings, reinforces our commitment to innovation and community. With our new headquarters set to become a hub of creativity and growth, we are more equipped than ever to face the challenges and opportunities ahead. Here’s to a future where we continue to break boundaries, foster connections, and write new chapters in the Sylius story. Happy New Year to our amazing community – let’s make the upcoming year even more extraordinary! 🌟🚀🎉

Mikołaj Król
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