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Sylius eCommerce Platform

The first solution fully adaptable to your business.

Getting started with Sylius
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Express Your Brand's Unique Look and Feel

Building a theme for your eCommerce store has never been so easy. Our templating system gives you full freedom to make your store look the way you want. This, combined with the flexibility of the shopping process, allows you to create a truly unique experience for your customers.

Sell on Any Device

Sylius provides built-in eCommerce APIs, which make it super easy to build native mobile application (iOS, Android, etc.) and Progressive Web Apps.

Integrates With Your Existing Tech Stack

Combining our eCommerce framework with the tools you need to run a thriving business is a breeze. The era of legacy monolithic all-in-one shop platforms is over. Sylius has been designed with integrations in mind and can connect to external specialized software.

All eCommerce Features You Need

  • Sell on Multiple Channels
  • Product Options and Attributes
  • Cart, Orders and Invoices
  • Customizable Checkout Process
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Taxonomies
  • Taxes
  • Promotions and Discount Coupons
  • Localisation
  • Customers & Groups
  • Shipping
  • Many Payment Methods
  • Products Catalog
  • Address Book
  • Image Cropping
  • Social Logins
  • Invoicing
  • Refunds
  • Permission Management
  • and more...
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Administration Panel That Fully Adapts to Your Workflows

Our admin panel is constructed from reusable and easily configurable components. We understand that every business is unique therefore Sylius has been designed to be totally adaptable to your needs.

Easy to Host and Scale

Sylius is a modern web application and can be deployed on the most popular hosting platforms, like Google Cloud, Heroku, and many more. This makes scaling and implementing new features cost you less money & time. Extremely high performance ensured.

Support for the Most Popular Payment Providers

Sylius comes with out-of-the-box integrations with most of the popular providers. Even if you use an exotic payment processor, it can be added at low development cost.

Boost Your Sales and Iterate Faster

You are no longer limited by your legacy eCommerce solution. Thanks to our excellent Agile workflows you will evolve faster than your competitors.

Built On The Shoulders Of Open Source Giants

Sylius uses PHP - the most popular programming language of the Web and Symfony - the best framework for it. So do the largest Open Source projects, like Drupal or eZ Publish. It has doctrine as ORM, database abstraction and TWIG - secure templating engine for PHP.

Foundation For Your Customized eCommerce Application

Sylius is not a monolithic solution - you can change or develop it anytime you want. It can be used as a base for your custom eCommerce platform or a core of your own system.

Fully Customizable Data Models and Logic

You can easily customize core data models, forms, repositories and controllers or add new fields and modify existing ones. Every piece of logic has a single point of customization, thanks to SRP and Symfony container - override any service. Another advantage is a powerful events system - hook into every piece.

Simple Templating you will love

Simple Twig templates that are easy to customize. System with theming, extensions and helper methods.

Highest Code Quality Among eCommerce Platforms

SOLID principles and well-defined coding standards. Sylius has all the best practices applied and is constantly improved. Do not be limited by your legacy platform. There is an alternative.

Symfony Developers Will Feel Like Home

Sylius is using the standard project structure and well-known bundles. We are not reinventing the wheel - there is a good chance you have worked with some of our dependencies already. Oh, and did you know you can plug Sylius into existing Symfony application?

Global Community And Active Development

Wide and friendly, constantly developing community with over 450 contributors and almost 17,000 commits. You are not alone!

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Fully Tested & Testable

Suitable for Agile development, shipped with BDD workflow and tools.
You can finally write reliable code and have regression testing supported by your eCommerce platform.

Business Logic Configured Via State Machine

You can easily add new states to all Sylius flows, hook into transitions, add your extra logic and integrate with external systems. It is also possible to disable default Sylius logic and replace it with your own, without rewriting the entire internals.

Well Documented

Sylius has comprehensive and still growing documentation, including cookbooks & tutorials. Our Book will introduce you to the platform and Customization Guide will help you adapt Sylius to your customer's requirements.

Plugins & Bundles Available

Thanks to the fact that Sylius is based on a popular framework used by hundreds of thousands of developers, we already have plenty of bundles, which are Symfony "modules" that provide you with useful services, integrations or even full features.

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