Sylius vs Magento

You manage a mid-market or enterprise e-commerce and you’re looking for a platform that’ll meet your business and industry requirements? Great.
We’ve listed when the choice should be Sylius, and when you’ll profit with Magento.


Thanks to the clean code and SOLID principles, Sylius is lighter than the market average (minimum number of code lines possible), so it demands less hosting power (CPUs).


Plenty of compatible Symfony bundles enable easy connections to any 3rd party tool.


Building a team of Symfony developers is much easier than building a team of vendor-locked specialists (“Magento developers”, “Shopify developers”).


The same concept and logic, familiar to 600k+ developers that know this PHP framework all over the world, means faster implementations and custom features development.


Easy and frequent upgrades and a strong backward compatibility (BC) promise. Sylius is following and extending well received Symfony Backward Compatibility Promise.


(Not related to Symfony, but to general company’s philosophy) no lock-in, no penalties, just freedom of development with help of the core team.

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