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How to Manage Over 30k SKU’s With Sylius
Nationwide Furniture Outlet (NFOUTLET) is an online furniture store that delivers a wide selection of quality furniture. Started as a sole proprietorship and evolved in 2012 to an established company, Nationwide Furniture Outlet now has over 30 thousands of products from over 20 furniture brands.
How to Manage Over 30k SKU’s With Sylius


Rebuilding the brand both the Design and Technology

Successfully operating since 2012, we came to the point when it becomes obvious, that our brand identity needs and the website lacks the functionality to attract more customers. With the old website, we had a lot of restrictions caused by the Bonanza platform, and we started seeking other solutions. In 2017 we developed a new logo and brand design. The new website was the next step.

For us, the main challenge was to create a comfortable and user-friendly space for furniture shopping for our customers. An additional thing we would like to achieve is the possibility to easy and fast manage our wide range of products, including tracking and taking down out of stock items, updating the product information, media, etc.

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Sylius: customizable and easy-to-use framework

For starters, it was very hard to make a decision for building our new website. One thing we knew, that it is important to do something with the situation we had at the moment. Starting from the idea of making own e-commerce from zero, we found Sylius – a ready-to-use platform with almost unlimited perspectives. We took Sylius, added some important features and voila! We have new, fully functional website.

“I like how Sylius works, how we can customize it and how we actually do it. Fully satisfied with our choice”
Kristin Star, CEO, Nationwide Furniture Outlet, Inc


Fast and Easy Operation with over 30,000 SKUs

Having in our catalog over 30000 products and still counting, we are happy to say that Sylius platform allows us to do it very fast and in a very convenient matter. Thanks to Sylius we have one single platform, where we can collect information about the orders, and execute easy and fast handling. Special thanks to the very supportive Sylius community, that made this platform so easy to understand and develop.