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Les entreprises qui ont fait confiance à Sylius
Études de cas
25% Revenue Growth with Headless Ecommerce Platform
créé par Tediber
This time we’ll take a look at the fairytale about a headless approach that really paid off. With about €15 000 000 of yearly revenue, the hero of this tale decided to ditch WooCommerce and Wordpress and go headless with Sylius. But let’s start from the beginning.
How to Manage Over 30k SKU’s With Sylius
créé par NF OUTLETS
Nationwide Furniture Outlet (NFOUTLET) is an online furniture store that delivers a wide selection of quality furniture. Started as a sole proprietorship and evolved in 2012 to an established company, Nationwide Furniture Outlet now has over 30 thousands of products from over 20 furniture brands.
Fully-Customizable Ecommerce for NY Furniture Outlets
New York Furniture Outlets, Inc in one of the leading US-based online furniture retailers, offering exceptional customer service, wide range of products and a convenient way of furniture shopping.
Casa Palacio – an Ecommerce Site Revamped with Sylius
créé par The Cocktail
Casa Palacio, a division of Palacio del Hierro (the biggest chain of department stores in the country) is one of the most popular exclusive household appliances in Mexico.
créé par Creatim
E3 is a key electricity retailer in Primorsk, Slovenia. The three Es stand for Energy, Ecology and Economics, which represents the company's values: caring for the environment and sustainable economical growth. E3 asked Creatim to rethink and rebuild its online business. Creatim proposed a solution that merges a self-service portal and a webshop into a single coherent experience. Since the solution is highly customized the agency decided to build it on the Sylius, a perfect starting point for atypical shops like E3.
Gamm vert – online store
Gamm vert – online store
créé par ZOL
Gamm Vert is the leading network of local garden centers with over 900 stores across France. The company underlines its agricultural roots promoting garden cultivation. Gamm Vert offers everything necessary to start a gardening adventure - from plants to outdoor furniture. It also provides pet products and - in collaboration with local agricultures - a selection of local wines and groceries.
créé par Webgriffe
Founded in 1916, the Bertani family company specializes in distributiion of leading plumbing system brands, systems that use renewable resources and produce energy savings, furniture, bathroom furniture, lighting and coatings. It is based in Reggio Emilia but operates across Italy and abroad.
Place de la Literie
Place de la Literie
créé par Mezcalito
Place de la Literie invites you to discover and try out its wide range of products: mattresses, box springs, headboards, relaxation, pillows, duvets.
créé par Mezcalito
Tousalon specializes in personalized, customizable furniture collections, designed and manufactured in Europe.
créé par GrowthAgents
LOVETHESIGN is an Italian online boutique for the best in home design. Launched in 2012 in Milan, has grown to over 25.000 product base in 2018, operating in multiple countries. Won prizes such as “Best e-Commerce Start Up” and “Best Furniture and Novelty e-Commerce Retailer”.