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Les entreprises qui ont fait confiance à Sylius
Études de cas
Sylius-based B2B store for an agricultural company
créé par BitBag
Agro-Efekt needed a reliable B2B store that would let the customers to easily buy parts online. Find out how BitBag built an ecommerce solution that includes a SAP integration, multi-inventory management and a a super-fast search engine able to search through over a million products in less than 1 second.
How to get from B2B to B2C with Sylius
créé par Webgriffe
Polyphoto is an Italian distributor of prestigious brands that made the history of photography. Sixty years after its creation, the company has taken an important repositioning path on the national market.
Successful migration of the French printing giant
créé par Printoclock
Replatforming of the French printing giant was not easy but definitely worth it. We are proud to admit that Sylius was a huge part of it. To learn more, read our Case Study.
Jean Lain Car Pro Market
Jean Lain Car Pro Market
créé par Datasolution, NewQuest – An Online Store – An Online Store
créé par Nedbase
ALGA is a producer of a highly specialised professional climbing equipment such as ladders, stairs, and scaffoldings. All their products comply with the official standards and are used in the construction and industry sectors. Their climbing equipment is produced in their own factory in the Netherlands and therefore meets the highest standards.
Dumont Sécurité & SMSP
Dumont Sécurité & SMSP
créé par
Dumont Sécurité and SMSP specialize in personal protective equipment as well as firefighting and first aid supplies.
The company was created 50 years ago and is based in France. It has two separate front ends and a common back-office. 
 First, is a B2B site based on customer accounts and quote requests.
 Second, allows B2C customers to purchase medical equipment online. Made by our partner ZOL. This project was a migration from Magento 1.