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+sitegeist / Austria, Germany, Switzerland
+sitegeist – Your partner for challenging eCommerce projects We combine our customers’ business with our digital know-how. We rely on proactive consulting and we design target-oriented and custom-fit solutions. We…
Alumio / Netherlands
Alumio is a software company based in Groningen, the Netherlands. As a technology-driven and human-centered business, Alumio aims to become the global standard in connecting any technology and helping customers…
bitExpert AG / Germany
We help your business thrive in the digital landscape of today and tomorrow. We deliver professional web & business applications such as intranet solutions, controlling dashboards, quality management tools, online…
Centuria S.A. / Poland
Centuria stands as a specialized IT partner for e-commerce businesses. Our mission is to provide e-commerce enterprises with a stable and secure foundation for both operation and growth. We’ve scaled…
Commerce Weavers is an agency founded by longest-active Sylius maintainers (since 2014!) and ex-Sylius company employees who decided to lead their own business. The name merges their field of expertise…
Coolminds / Netherlands
Coolminds has specialised in developing (B2B) ordering portals and webshops over the past 15 years.With our pragmatic approach, we help position your company uniquely in the market. We offer smart,…
Ergonode / Poland
Ergonode is not just a PIM SaaS platform, we’re a promise of better productivity and a stronger team spirit through intelligent catalog management. We understand that the challenge of productivity…
Gally / France, Germany
Gally is an open-source, API-first and composable ready Searchandising engine that allows merchants to create modern and remembering User Experiences on their website. Features: Capable to deal with several languages…
Keenobi / France
Keenobi is a French company specializing in outsourcing and expertise in cloud services (Private Cloud, AWS, GCP, Azure). We support our customers in setting up and optimizing their e-commerce sites…
move:elevator / Germany
Together with our customers, we develop engaging and activating experiences across all digital channels. As a digital agency with around 100 experts, we bring all stakeholders to the table in…
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