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Punkt.de / Germany
Punkt.de is a web company delivering implementations for various types of businesses based on Open Source technology. We create company websites, portal solutions and of course e-shop systems. We are…
Setono / Denmark
Setono is a small but dedicated agency in Denmark. We are particularly good with advanced integrations, complex processes, and plugin development. We are the first partner in Denmark and also…
Spinbits / Poland
Spinbits is a full-stack digital agency that loves to create and deliver tailor-made IT solutions. We are a team of almost 50 engineers and specialists that successfully delivered over 60 projects over the…
Spiriit / France
Spiriit is an e-commerce agency based in France, funded 24 years ago, 65 people, with both business & tech skills. We deliver e-commerce consulting & marketing services, as well as…
Strategia / France
Strategia is an expert digital agency specialized in consulting, accompanying and developing web, E-commerce, 3D and VR/AR solutions for business. Since 2007 we shape innovative experiences for our customer’s ambitions.…
Studio Waaz / France
Since 2012, Studio Waaz is extremely driven to create webdesign that adds real value to our clients. This positioning is reinforced by our open sourced PHP technical solutions based on…
Tesial / Belgium
Tesial is much more than a web agency. We are your partner in sustainable digital development: from technology to content management to design.At the centre of code language, digital technologies…
Founded in 2005, TheCodingMachine has built its success on the strong conviction that Open Source and its community make it possible to deliver real added value to its customers :…
TwicPics / France
TwicPics is a SaaS that frees web and mobile professionals from all constraints related to image and video management. With TwicPics, one can produce responsive sites and applications in the shortest…
Since 2008, USERADGENTS – mobile-first digital agency – has been designing and developing custom digital services for major brands: mobile applications, websites, AR/VR and metaverse experiences and in-store devices. Useradgents has…
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