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Printing the future of eCommerce with Sylius
The partnership between Tosingraf and Webgriffe, marked by the successful migration to Sylius, showcases the power of embracing digital transformation in the traditionally conservative field of post-printing and customization. This project has propelled Tosingraf to new heights, enhancing its operational efficiency, customer engagement, and market adaptability. The move to Sylius, expertly executed by Webgriffe, has not only improved Tosingraf's technological landscape but also underscored the importance of forward-thinking and strategic collaboration in today's digital era. This achievement demonstrates Webgriffe's expertise as a Professional Solution Partner and the strategic value of adopting cutting-edge solutions to maintain a competitive advantage.
Printing the future of eCommerce with Sylius

About the company

Tosingraf has been Italy’s leading name in post-printing and customization solutions for over 45 years. Known for its deep expertise in industrial printing and customizing a wide range of materials, the company has stayed at the forefront of the industry, embracing changes and integrating digital technologies into its operations – a significant shift in a traditionally slow digitalizing field. As the exclusive distributor for major brands such as Roland, Brother, Fastbind, Ideal EBA, Plockmatic, and Uchida, Tosingraf has also developed its in-house brand, Mamo, further establishing itself as the essential destination for printing equipment and supplies in Italy.


When Webgiffe first looked into updating Tosingraf’s online shop, they were stuck with an old Magento 1.9 platform, which cost them too much to keep up. The Webgriffe team, a top-notch Italian partner, stepped in to help. They focused on planning the tech and services that would power Tosingraf’s new online store.

Why Sylius migration?

The Digital Transformation project initiated by Webgriffe aims to boost the effectiveness of digital channels, turning them into key components for achieving business objectives. Webgriffe and Tosingraf conducted a detailed comparison between Adobe Commerce and Sylius when selecting the right platform, closely examining all the functionalities outlined during the strategic phase. Key features assessed included:

  • Additional fees for various payment methods
  • Real-time pricing adjustments based on the channel, customer, and product specifics
  • Bulk purchasing discounts
  • Product bundling options
  • Shipping costs are calculated by different criteria
  • A search engine powered by ElasticSearch
  • Options for partial order shipments
  • Custom rules for quantity limitations in the shopping cart

After reviewing all factors, Webgriffe and Tosingraf chose the Sylius. The decision was driven by the need for highly personalized pricing strategies for different customer segments, the project’s flexibility, and a desire to minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This choice has proven to be successful for Webgriffe.

What about the digital ecosystem?

To enhance the platform and its performance, Webgriffe took the initiative to fully redesign the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). The redesign began with redefining the taxonomy and product navigation from the ground up. On the technological side, it’s based on the Sylius platform. They’ve incorporated a Product Information Management system (PIM, Akeneo) for detailed management of catalog and product data and a headless Content Management System (CMS, Contentful) for managing communication content, which is distributed via a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

The ecosystem is further enriched by deep integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, a tool for multi-carrier and multi-country shipping management, and official plugins found in the Sylius store, which Webgriffe developed as our technological partner.

Tosingraf was in search of a high-profile digital partner capable of supporting them in the execution of three complex projects: the complete overhaul of the B2B e-commerce, the introduction of a Marketing Automation strategy, and the implementation of a platform for more efficient management of online and offline content.

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