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BestValue is a well established brand in Romania, operating duty free shops in all major airports. This original retail business model proved to be very appealing for travellers, so the company decided to expand into an online commerce too.


A key turning point in the eCommerce industry started as a project in 2015, a key turning point in the eCommerce industry: almost all well established eCommerce platforms based on PHP were undergoing massive rewrite or waiting for a big release.

Magento 2.0 was launched in late November, Prestashop 1.7 was a year away from being launched and other options lacked many of the key advantages we required:

  • Scalability
  • Development ease
  • Usage of modern frameworks and PHP functionalities
  • Cloud compatibility

Customer experience

The main business objective of BestValue was to provide the same experience online as we offer to our customers at the airport shops we operate at. Perfumes and cosmetics are products with multiple variants of color or size. We had to give our customers the right alternative for their needs: skin color for cosmetics or quantity for perfumes.

In order to do that, we had to be vetted by the brands we work with and ensure only passengers with valid plane ticket can get travel retail pricing.

best value


The key advantage of Sylius for us was the use of Symfony as a full stack framework.

With previous experience in Symfony development, it was very easy for us to understand this platform and use it in our advantage.

We planned from the beginning to use a cloud computing for this project, provided by Google. Once again, Sylius with the integration with the KNP Labs’ Gaufrette Bundle, Liip’s Imagine Bundle and Doctrine (Redis) Cache helped us ensure all our assets are hosted on CDN (Content Delivery Network) and we can use disposable virtual machines that scale according to our needs.

Our checkout flow was easily customizable with Sylius. That allowed us to experiment with various integrations of our ticket validation form.

Also, the integration with Enqueue Library helped us decouple non-critical processes from the main browser request of users.

“We were amazed about the quality of the codebase and how easily we were able to customize it to our needs”.
Gabi Udrescu, Product Owner


Handling over 100.000 write requests with Sylius Grid & Resource bundle

We got over 2 millions page views in a 24h timespan, handling over 100.000 write requests with Sylius Grid & Resource bundle, with a peak of over 2.000 requests per second.

But probably one of the most appreciated lessons we learned from Sylius was the mix of Behat, Gherkin, Sylius Resource Bundle, Grid and State Machines. Thanks to the platform, we started using Gherkin as a common language between development and business departments such as marketing or logistics, Behat to automate the execution of the scenarios and Resource + Grid + State Machines for rapid development.

Sylius Promotions is also one of the functionalities we heavily use at BestValue. The simplicity of the implementation makes it perfect for any kind of promotions, no matter how ingenious the marketing ideas are.