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Year 2022 in Review and What’s Next

2022 has been an amazing year for Sylius and our community. We created a hybrid core team, increased our revenues by 60%, started hosting partnerships, released 2 new versions and celebrated our first SyliusCon. That being said, the year was not without challenges and I’d like to shed some light on the future of Sylius.

Hybrid Core Team

Sylius Core Team now consists of developers from 5 different organizations. Expanding it beyond Sylius company has been our conscious effort and will greatly contribute to the sustainability of the project in the long term. 

Sylius 1.11 with Catalog Promotions

We have released a new version with a long-awaited Catalog Promotions feature that allows discounting multiple products or categories within the store. You can read more about this release in a dedicated blog post.

Sylius Camp

As Sylius Team we went on a trip to better integrate and share our experiences. Workshops included purpose discovery, NVC and hacking on a game! It’s been a great time of working and relaxing together.

Record-breaking Installations

Sylius has surpassed 2.5m installations on Packagist.org with a record 3.1k installations per day in June. Among community products, BitBag’s CMS plugin shined with almost 500k installations in total. You can find all plugins under this link or browse the verified ones in our Sylius Store.

Hosting Partnerships

We have introduced a new type of relationship to our Sylius Network programs – Professional Hosting Partner. We welcomed the first companies in the network. Make sure to check out their offerings! If you are a hosting provider and want to specialize in Sylius, drop us a line at [email protected]. Last year, over 30 new companies joined our network.


In October, we gathered over 200 participants from 15 countries in Łódź for the first ever SyliusCon. Our Customers, Partners, and prominent Community Members held many interesting presentations and joined our afterparty!

Community Events

We attended API Platform Conference, Paris Retail Week, SymfonyCon, and multiple community meetups – it was great to be there! What is more, BitBag has organised the first ever meetup in our home country – Poland!

Sylius and VueStorefront 2 Integration

Our Leading Solution Partner BitBag has released first version of integration between Sylius and VueStorefont 2 – the cutting edge PWA framework for e-commerce. Thanks to that, your next project can have a much better performance and user experience. Check it out here.

Sylius 1.12 with Symfony 6

The second minor release of the year included Symfony 6 support and a bunch of enhancements to the administration panel, facelift of the shop interface and improvements to the API. Explore more from this release in a separate blog post.


As you have probably noticed from the announcements, few long-time Sylius employees have left the company and started their own agency specialised in Sylius. It’s always a challenge when tenured people move on but creates space and opportunity for others to flourish. I wish the guys all the best in their new adventure. They remain in the open source Core Team, which is great for the future of the Sylius project.


Features Roadmap

The current product roadmap is available always here: sylius.com/roadmap. It includes API stabilization, visual configuration for catalog promotions, and much more for the Open Source edition of Sylius. For Sylius Plus we plan to add visual merchandising, editing orders and improvements to the multi-source inventory system.

Industry Investor

I am actively looking for an industry investor to partner with and help get Sylius to the next level. If you are interested or can connect me to the right person, drop me an email at [email protected].

Sylius 2.0 UI

We are starting the design phase of new UI for Sylius 2.0. Sylius 1.x after 12 minor releases is stable and battle-tested solution. It’s high time to look into the next major version. We will share something as soon as we are ready!

Sylius Cloud

We are exploring different options, including white-label partnerships, to provide best-in-class cloud environments for Sylius projects.

Expanding Business Development Team

If you would like to advise customers on their Sylius projects, including top European brands, we are looking for people to join our business development team. Apply here! (Polish only)

Your Suggestions

Have an idea that would benefit the community and the project? Let us know in the comments below!

Paweł Jędrzejewski
Self-taught developer and entrepreneur, who has built an entire career and business through Open Source technology. Speaker at international conferences. PHPers meetups co-organizer. Keen on helping other young entrepreneurs and companies who may want to follow a similar path.
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