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#SyliusOneZero Contest Results
Time to announce #SyliusOneZero Contest Results. Read the blog post to find out who wins and how great our community has reacted to the Stable Release.
#SyliusOneZero Contest Results

We are really amazed with your reaction to Sylius v1.0.0 Stable Release. Despite the contest, you’ve showed a really great support by posting, tweeting and discussing our framework at different blogs, social media or forums. Without you, Sylius rumour would have never reached so many people all around the world.

…So what was it all about?

For those who haven’t followed, #SyliusOneZero was a campaign created in order to promote the first stable release of Sylius on social media. The only thing to do was to share a photo or text with a hashtag #SyliusOneZero and a brief description of the way you were waiting for v1.0.0. The most creative and liked post wins an official Sylius training or consultancy (depends on what’s needed) and a pack of our gadgets. Read more about the campaign here: http://sylius.org/blog/syliusonezero-share-your-photo-and-win-a-training-or-consultancy

Thank you for your passion

What we especially love about our community is the fact that you are just a huge family of people with different hobbies, careers, daily duties, worries & origins. And among all of these you find time and passion to develop Sylius as a code and ecosystem. We couldn’t be more grateful for that.

Here are some of the most interesting pictures:

The first one to respond to a contest with a photo was Marek Pietrzak. It seems like you can support Sylius even while hiking. And the top of Mam Tor hill looks like a great place to honour v1.0.0: https://twitter.com/_marek_p/status/905141023575302144/photo/1

Probably the cutest one of all was a post of John Risby, who was waiting for v1.0.0 with his little daughter. This way we have gained the youngest fan ever (even if she’s not aware of it ;P). Awwww, isn’t it? Really creative description by the way! https://twitter.com/johnrisby/status/905797912151691265/photo/1

We also appreciate Odiseo Team from far Argentina, which was the first to announce they would take part in the contest. Later they have shared the photo above with their own clock counting down minutes to the stable release. Hopefully Sylius will get stronger in Argentina thanks to your work! https://twitter.com/OdiseoTeam/status/906663451392700416/photo/1

Of course, we are thankful to all participants. If you want to see other photos, just scroll down through our Twitter. We have shared everything with the hashtag #SyliusOneZero 😉

And the winner is…

Ok, enough waffling. The #SyliusOneZero Contest winner is… Emagma! Loïc Caillieux, the CTO of this company, has shared a photo which receieved the most likes. And we love it. Have a look: https://twitter.com/loic_emagma/status/907887168118558720/photo/1

These guys are among one of the first Sylius adopters and still relying on it. What’s more we really like the style of this picture. Congratulations! Hope we will see each other on a meetup at your Headquarters in France! We will take some Sylius swag of course. Let’s discuss the details in private 😉

You’re the best!

Thank you for all the parties you have thrown, all glasses you’ve raised in toast to our software, all cakes & snacks you’ve eaten talking about it and everything you’ve done to honour our work. We’re proud to have such fantastic people supporting the project.

Together we’re gonna rock’n’roll the world of eCommerce 😉

Tymoteusz Stengert
New Business Lead, evolving structure and processes for direct sales and customer service. Sylius Advisor for enterprise projects and strategic technology partnerships. Regularly checking on the competition and bringing market feedback to the development team. One of the first employees of Sylius product company in 2017.
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