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Kamil Kokot
01.10.2018 | 2 mins read

Sylius v1.3.0 released supporting Symfony Flex

Over one year ago we published the first stable release of Sylius. We are proud to continue that journey and announce the availability of the brand new minor release, v1.3.0.

The one roadmap to rule them all

Sylius has a long love-hate relationship with roadmaps. We finally created one that we believe to be a sustainable, long-term solution. Instead of predicting the future and making big plans up-front, we decided to do it in a more Agile way, allowing it to change over time. Most importantly, you can finally take part in the roadmap discussions or vote on your favourite features. You can read more about the roadmap in our previous blog post.

Symfony Flex support

Whereas the last minor version introduced Symfony 4.1+ support, this one incorporates the Symfony 4 directory structure and adds support for Symfony Flex. This makes plugins installation way simpler! Many of actions that had to be done manually, such as registering bundles or importing config or routing files, can now be done automatically by Flex while requiring the plugin.

In case you want to use Sylius v1.3.0 but do not switch to the new directory structure or do not use Symfony Flex, it’s more than possible, as the new release supports both old and new directory structure, while advocating the new one.

Growing the ecosystem

These last fours months we were busy creating plugins solving issues that we have heard a lot about from our community. They’re all open-source and ready to use:

Admin Order Creation Plugin – allows creating orders directly from the administrator panel

Customer Order Cancellation Plugin – allows a customer to cancel a placed order which has not been processed yet

Customer Reorder Pluginallows a customer to copy items from the already placed order to the current cart

Invoicing Plugin – generates an invoice for every placed order

Refund Plugin – allows an administrator to refund items from a paid order

Technical highlights

The most recent release drops support for PHP 7.1 (currently operates on PHP 7.2 and preparing for PHP 7.3) and deprecates MongoDB and PHPCR support for both ResourceBundle and GridBundle.

With the help of Teoh Han Hui, Cristian Angulo Nova and Jacques Bodin-Hullin, there is a Docker setup provided within Sylius-Standard distribution. It does not support our testing workflow fully, but it’s a great place to start and develop it further.

Thanks to Dimosthenis Nikoudis, Sylius has also received a lot of improvements regarding PHP-PM, promising an impressive performance boost. It’s not officially supported, but it’s recommended to have it in mind 🙂


In the meantime, we have surpassed 5 million downloads of our packages and 1500 Slack members. Sylius has also made it to the top #3 place among ecommerce platforms in PHP. Of course, it’s still the first one in Symfony. 😉 Thank you a lot!

Give it a try!

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You can install Sylius following instructions in the documentation or upgrade your existing application following our upgrade guide.

If you want to find out more about the newest version of Sylius, see this webinar.

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