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Sylius eCommerce Framework Public Roadmap
Sylius eCommerce Framework Public Roadmap

As the Product Owner of Sylius eCommerce Framework, I am proud to announce the launch of our new product roadmap!

Roadmapping at Sylius has been a contentious and sometimes disappointing topic for our community. There used to be giant, promising roadmaps that never made it to reality, but also a small roadmap on the documentation, which helped us a lot during the docs restructuring. None of them used a proper goal planning technique and were rather a wishlist of features we were all dreaming of. We are really sorry that it is happening so late, but finally, for some time we have been working on a new roadmap idea 💪.

Under this link, you will find the Sylius eCommerce Framework Public Roadmap.

Ideas & inspirations

There are a few products which we were looking at while searching for ideas and inspirations. Many big projects are providing its users with amazing, up to date roadmaps. If you are also looking for roadmap examples, tips and tricks, these are our recommendations:


Having considered different roadmapping tools, like Trello, Github issues, self-made roadmap website etc., we have decided to start with a public Github Project on the Sylius Organization level (as we are tracking progress on many repositories, Sylius/Sylius plus official plugins).

A Github Project is really convenient, as you can use issues and PRs as feature cards, especially since the introduction of issue preview on project boards. These cards can be voted via reactions and commented of course.


The Github project board we have prepared for our roadmap has feature cards representing all epics/topics/features that we are willing to have in Sylius, either in Core or as official Plugins. Details about them can be found in their descriptions, as each feature card is a Github issue or PR.

If you have any idea for a feature/epic/problem that you would like to have implemented in the framework, open an Issue in the Sylius/Sylius repository and tag it as [Roadmap] or send us an email to contact@sylius.com.

Also when you look at our roadmap project board, you’ll notice that it is divided into a few columns. Let me quickly clarify what are we using them for:

Each feature card in the “Feedback needed” column is under the voting procedure, so if you consider something valuable for you, please leave your vote on it (with reactions). Ideally please add also a comment with the description of your imagination of that feature. The cards that appear in the “Feedback needed” column are a result of the triaging process I am regularly doing as the Product Owner of Sylius. I am browsing the issues in the Sylius/Sylius repository and I qualify the ones that should be in the roadmap. Remember that you can always mention me in an issue if you think I have missed something.

The “Accepted” column is for features we have already decided to implement in the nearest future based on feedback and requests (community and of our own), but are not yet coded. These have probably been incorporated into the Product Backlog and discussed with the development team.

The “In progress” column means that the development of these features is already happening. Please remember that we are working on these features in an incremental way, so some cards may get stuck in this column for weeks or months. Although if something lands in the “In progress” column you can be sure it will be developed.

For features that have already been developed, but are stabilizing either in the master branch or in Plugins,  we’ve got the “Available for testing” column,

I hope that these principles of the roadmap are clear for you, if you have any suggestions or improvements, please feel free to contact me on our Slack or via e-mail (magdalena.banasiak@sylius.com).


Having introduced our roadmap to you, I am proud to invite you to use it! Feel free to propose new features, vote, discuss. Show it to your stakeholders and other Sylius users. Let’s make it a useful tool, that will help us make Sylius even better! 💪


Magdalena Sadowska
Magda is making decisions about Sylius features and breaking those into implementable tasks since 2017 in Product Owner role. Present on both our Github and Slack to chat about Sylius business-wise. Magda is closely attached to the organisation’s human area: Holacracy, team building, partnerships. Privately: she’s expecting a tiny little baby this November.
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