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Paweł Jędrzejewski
12.02.2018 | 2 mins read

Sylius v1.1.0 Released with the New Website

Hello there Sylius community!

We are proud to announce that we have reached two very important milestones for our project & business. First of all, we have just released Sylius v1.1.0. It sounds unreal to write it after these many years of chasing the stable release. We are past it and we are doing great! More about this release in the further parts of this post.

We are also happy to present you the new version of our website available under the new domain – All links from should redirect you to the new site, which applies to documentation and other subdomains. We have rethinked the information architecture from scratch and this site better represents what we are – an Open Source software vendor. There is plenty of new content and we will be revealing more over the coming weeks.

I’d like to thank KNP Labs and specifically Matthieu and Laetitia for making this domain available to us. I’m very happy that we have your support!

What is Inside?

This release contains both new features and many bug fixes implemented in the 1.0 branch. If you are not ready for a bigger upgrade yet, you can use v1.0.10 to only get the fixes. So, what is inside this new release?

  • Upgrade to Symfony 3.4, which means Symfony 4 support is just around the corner
  • Support for Doctrine 2.6+
  • Bulk actions in the grids (deleting multiple items selected via checkboxes)
  • New product reviews API
  • More complete channels API
  • Translatable “Select” attributes
  • Immutable Product/Variant names on Orders (Data Audit)
  • Using environment variables for application configurations
  • Setting admin username during the installation process
  • Trying to auto-detect a bundle’s model namespace by default
  • Optimized performance of the hostname-based channel resolving
  • Plenty of Bug Fixes

Big “thank you” to all the contributors for the help with building this version!


You can access our online demo here. Take the latest version for a test drive and let us know what do you think in the comments section below this post. 🙂


You can install and try the latest Sylius by running the following commands:

composer create-project -s beta sylius/sylius-standard project 
cd project 
yarn install
yarn run gulp
bin/console sylius:install
bin/console server:start

If you prefer Vagrant:

git clone sylius
cd sylius
vagrant up


This is our first new minor version after the stable release, so we are looking forward to your feedback regarding the upgrade. You can read about our BC Policy [here] and the UPGRADE file to know what needs to be checked before upgrading. If you do not see any potential issues here, then upgrade should be as simple as:

    composer update sylius/sylius
    bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate
    bin/console cache:clear

More information can be found in our Upgrading Guide. When upgrading to minor versions, please make sure that your automated tests are passing and do proper manual testing on your staging environment.

What is next?

We have a couple of blog posts & announcements in the queue, including the Sylius Roadmap update & the official launch of the Solution Partner Program. You can subscribe to our newsletter and get these news straight to your inbox. As always, we are extremely excited about the future!

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