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Paweł Jędrzejewski
22.05.2015 | 3 mins read

Sylius v0.14.0 with Reports and HRBAC

Hey there folks!

It has been a while since last updated and I am mad about it just as you are, but here are the good news: we are going to dedicate Sylius a lot of time during this summer to finalize all the pending features.
For the past few months, we have been really busy with projects and building the team at Lakion, but we have made some significant developments and together with the community we are now getting them merged into the master branch!


There are three big new things in this version of Sylius:


Hierarchical Role Based Access Control, which allows you to define trees of permissions and roles, then assign them to specific users.
This way you can restrict access to specific sections of the website and admin. It is super easy to introduce your own permissions and the system is really flexible.
As everything in Sylius, this is available for your Symfony applications as a standalone bundle.


Our guys at Lakion, Lukasz and Mateusz, have worked on reports system for Sylius. They have a created a completely new component and bundle, which is a fully customizable reporting system.
The core concept is that every report has a data provider and renderer. You can obtain data from different sources, using different criteria, for example:

  • From orders
  • From users
  • From external sources

And render them in various formats:

  • Different charts (pie, bar, etc.)
  • Table

You can also implement your own data providers and renderers!


Mailer is a component + bundle, which allows you to easily define and send different e-mails in your Symfony applications.
You can configure them in bundle configuration and use a simple service to send them out in any place of your app.
What is more, these e-mail definitions and templates can be saved in the database and you can configure them via UI.

Things coming in v0.15.x

We have already merged two huge changes in the 0.15.x branch. Multi-Channel and Customer & User split. These are really big changes and will be covered in the upcoming blog post updated, when we release v0.15.0.
That being said, now we will be focused on fixing all the installation issues with components, bundles and platform itself.

We hope that the next version will be really stable and easy to install. From there, we will focus on merging some pending features and cleaning up the whole platform, preparing for the BETA.

Roadmap updates

As you can already guess, we will miss the deadline set for stable release. I got back to the drawing board and realized that there is still plenty of work to do and certain risks that come with 1.0.0.
The current plan is to get 1.0.0-BETA (developer) out by the end of this year. Sylius is a new project and all the concepts need to be verified in the wild by larger audience of e-commerce business, before we can call it a stable release.

I have already started assigning GitHub issues to milestones and will continue that over the next few days. You can have a look at our repository to get a better overview of where we are and where are we heading.


You can install and try the latest Sylius by running the following commands:

$ composer create-project -s dev sylius/sylius:0.14.0
$ cd sylius
$ app/console sylius:install

To start a new project on top of Sylius, use Standard Edition:

$ composer create-project -s dev sylius/sylius-standard:0.14.0 acme
$ cd acme
$ app/console sylius:install

That’s it, new Sylius installer will guide you through the process.
Make sure that Sylius can write to app/cache, app/logs and web/media directories.


Thanks to your effort, we have passed 200 code contributors recently. I hope this number will grow. Please have a look at our Contributing Guide.

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