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Paweł Jędrzejewski
21.02.2018 | 3 mins read

Sylius Solution Partner Program Launch

We are proud to announce the official launch of the Sylius Solution Partner Program. This is a huge milestone for the community and our company.

We have received more than 100 applications already and from this pool we have qualified a lot of great companies, who are now being trained and on-boarded to the program. With all the processes and systems in place, we are ready to open up the program to a wider audience and start promoting it more actively. If you are still waiting for some feedback from our side, please know that we will be following-up on all applications very soon.


After the stable release of Sylius, we got a very positive feedback about our technology. Our Open Source community is growing every day. We have just reached a milestone of 1000+ users registered to our Slack. The number of Sylius developers keeps increasing and that’s extremely exciting to experience all that growth!

That being said, to achieve another level, we also need to build a healthy business ecosystem, where brands, retailers, startups & solution providers can grow by collaborating in a dynamic, reliable and trustworthy Sylius market.

Ensuring the High Quality of Sylius Projects

By recommending trained and accredited official partners we ensure that new Sylius implementations are going to be successful projects of high quality. The partners undergo a comprehensive training, which covers not only best practices in code but also project management, plugin development and marketing. All this allows them to deliver a lot more value for the customers. We believe that a large number of successful customers results in a successful Sylius ecosystem.

Plugin & Theme Development

There is a lot of functionalities that specific Sylius implementations need. Our framework was constructed to solve 80% of the most common eCommerce problems, which makes it an exceptionally light and fast solution. Our plugin system allows you to extend the core functionality and reuse components across multiple projects.

Again, Open Source is not a solo game, we can’t and shouldn’t develop all the extensions. That’s why our amazing partners together with the rest of the community will develop both free and paid plugins, which can drastically reduce the cost of development on top of Sylius framework.


We believe Sylius should focus on the core eCommerce functionality and integrate with the best tools in the category. We are working closely with our partners to develop the most desired integrations in the community and share them with the rest of the ecosystem in order to bring down the development costs.

Initial Partners

We are happy to inform that the first partnerships have already been formed and you can browse the first official Sylius Solution Partners here.

Become a Trusted Sylius Solution Partner

Why? What are the benefits?

By becoming a Sylius Solution Partner you get the official accreditation from the Sylius Core Team and the access to our training & consulting services with a discount. We will recommend your services to potential customers and other partners. You will also become a part of a vibrant and talented ecosystem of businesses who help us develop and promote the Sylius brand in the market. We want to work closely with partners and organize joint marketing campaigns and much more!

How to apply?

Interested? Great! We would love to meet you and see if we can make the world a better place with eCommerce technology together. Please head to this page and fill the application form or just send us a message to We will review the information provided and get in touch to schedule a discovery call to see if there is a synergy in what we do.

Next Steps

We are also working on launching two more programs, targeted at hosting providers for Sylius and technology partners, who develop software that is compatible with Sylius, like PIM/ERP/CRM, payment gateways, marketing automation tools, etc. If you are interested in more information about the early version of these programs, get in touch via


With the first awesome partners on board, we are excited to see how Sylius project will grow in 2018. Seize an opportunity to be one of the first companies that will shape the eCommerce technology of the future. Are you ready for this exciting challenge?

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