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Sylius Academy Update: New Price, New Lessons

Hello Folks!

With the third coronavirus wave and Easter lockdowns almost everywhere, there is no break from remote learning. In fact, online academies and LMS software are trending almost equally as eCommerce platforms. Coincidence? 😏
That being said, we would like to exhilarate you with a long-awaited update of the Sylius Online Video Course!


  • Sylius Online Video Course price drops by half to €249;
    • all the basics are still there;
    • 14-day no-reason refund policy;
  • fresh content of 1.7 & 1.8 has been published with upcoming 1.9:
    • new template event system;
    • integration with API Platform;
    • shipping method rules system;
    • more tips & tricks.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

We released the Sylius Online Video Course at the end of 2019 (pretty good timing, with the upcoming global pandemic 💃). It was based on the 1.6 version of Sylius, which is not supported anymore. Therefore, we noticed a need for a course update consisting of the main changes introduced in 1.7 and 1.8 versions of our eCommerce platform.

Our goal is to provide additional lessons as fast as possible (after the new minor Sylius releases). Hereby, developers who bought the course would always be informed about the latest changes in a convenient and easy-to-access way.

We drop the price like pros

We believe that the online course is currently the fastest way of acquiring working knowledge of Sylius. From the very beginning, we wanted to provide the most flexible model of  admission to all purchasers, having in mind that we would provide more materials in the future. Right now, this is still the life-long access, however we don’t rule out that a subscription model may be coming along at some point. 

Now, we’d like to make it more accessible financially-wise – especially for individual developers – and have decided to massively cut the initial price to 249, so if you were considering a purchase, it may be the right time to finalize it!

Learn how to Sylius now!

*For all current attendees – the update is free of charge – enjoy!

Sylius 1.7

As you probably know from our release blog post, Sylius 1.7 focused a lot on UI and UX improvements. It’s also the first version in which you’re able to use a new template events system. Not only will you learn about all of these changes but you will also be able to get down to work and use them in practice. 

Screenshot 1: Template Events

Sylius 1.8

The previous stable version was a huge step for making Sylius a true headless eCommerce platform. We introduced the first version of integration with a well-known and admitted ApiPlatform that will gradually replace ShopApiPlugin. The other big feature is a new shipping method rules system, which allows you to make your shipping methods even more flexible. As always, all of these (and many more) changes are explained in the release blog post.

What’s even more exciting, both of these features can be a base for further customizations, that you can provide to your stores. In the new lessons, we will show you how to start working with them and use their full potential to create your customized online shop.

Spoiler Alert:

Spoiler Alert: 1.8-related videos are led by five-star guest appearance – Łukasz, our API expert 🎉

Join Sylius Academy

What’s next?

I cannot express my gratefulness for all of you, who have already bought the Sylius Online Video Course. With your time & material resources you have supported open-source software development and provided a significant fuel that drives the business around Sylius forward.

As you can see, we have just packed the course with quite a lot of useful knowledge and we are definitely aiming higher, already planning the 1.9 release material. As it seems the online learning will be the most sensible way for the foreseeable future, we’ve got some more aces up our sleeve to make this course a must-have for every new Sylius developer.

Live long and prosper together with Sylius! 🖖

Mateusz Zalewski
Long-time Core Team member and the main Trainer in the Sylius company with the current focus on improving training programs to make them as fun and developing for the Sylius newcomers as possible. He's also hung up on enhancing Sylius' architecture and its plugins' system. Privately, a huge enthusiast of history and astronomy.
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