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New Chapter: Separating Sylius & Lakion
Lakion is no longer the official commercial support provider for Sylius.
New Chapter: Separating Sylius & Lakion

In 2011 I started Sylius project and since then it has evolved into a vibrant community and an exciting business. As you probably know, In 2014, I co-founded the Lakion company with Michał. We were providing development, training & consulting services for Sylius ecosystem. It is 2017 now and Sylius is finally approaching its stable release. I have been growing together with the project, both as a person and as an entrepreneur.

As with every business, ability to adapt is crucial. My vision for Sylius has been constantly evolving and now I see its future in a much more clear picture. That being said, to make all these ideas a reality, we need to be lean and have a solid strategy to achieve specific goals. Therefore I have made the decision to continue leading the commercial venture on my own.

What does it mean in practice?

Lakion is no longer the official commercial support provider for Sylius. I have sold all my shares and stepped down from the board. I am no longer part of the company. There is no partnership between these two brands. I have no control over the actions of the Lakion company and I do not endorse it in any official way.

While it is somehow sad for me to leave the company I bootstrapped, it also means a new & exciting chapter for the Sylius project and our business. Operating 2 brands was inefficient and for most of the customers does not really matter what is the name of the firm. It’s the people that matter. What we need is a healthy Open Source community and a solid business that supports it and helps creating an ecosystem of developers & companies working with Sylius. And that’s my main goal!

Part of the core team from Lakion has joined me already in our brand new Sylius office. What is more, we are still in our beloved Łódź! Our focus is to transform into a product company, instead of being a development agency. We will continue to provide eCommerce website development services for some limited time period and specific segment of customers, to make Sylius stable. However, the main goal is to build a network of trusted solution partners, who will implement eCommerce stores on top of Sylius. We will still provide the official consulting & training services, so you can count on us during your projects! Also, our existing customers will continue to be serviced and current projects will be finished according to the schedules.

Will Sylius stay free and Open Source? YES!

Regarding our ideas for products, we will make sure to let you know when there is something to show and test! 🙂 It is absolutely important to note that this does not affect the Sylius project, as an Open Source eCommerce platform. We maintain the MIT license, we continue the development and aim to be even more transparent and open to the community. The products will be built on top of the framework.

The future is exciting and I have never had a better team and more freedom, experience & motivation to work on building the most efficient eCommerce technology in the world. Stay tuned for more news!

Paweł Jędrzejewski
Self-taught developer and entrepreneur, who has built an entire career and business through Open Source technology. Speaker at international conferences. PHPers meetups co-organizer. Keen on helping other young entrepreneurs and companies who may want to follow a similar path.
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