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Plugin Development Guide is Now Available
For everyone wondering how to develop Sylius plugins in the most efficient way - worry not, Mateusz has your back! Our awesome engineer created the Plugin Development Guide for you

Hello, our fellow eCommerce developers!

Sylius already has a fairly extensive documentation with The Book, Customization Guide, Cookbook, REST API Reference and various guides for BDD and contribution, we’ve even recently created the “Getting Started with Sylius” Tutorial for those who want to get a real quick taste of Sylius. But that’s certainly not where we want to stop 😉

Sylius plugins are one of the most powerful ways to extend Sylius functionalities. They’re not bounded by the Sylius release cycle and can be developed in a quick and effective way. They also allow sharing Sylius fans’ work in the open-source community.

For everyone wondering how to develop Sylius plugins in the best, most efficient way – worry not, Mateusz has your back! Our awesome engineer and trainer created the Plugin Development Guide just for you 🙂

What’s inside?

The Plugin Development Guide will walk you through the process of creating Sylius extensions. It starts off by explaining how to create a new plugin using our PluginSkeleton as well as what exactly should be changed in its default values and names in order to show what is your plugin’s function. 

The Guide will also talk in points about the specification of a plugin, focusing on scenarios and behavior implementation as well as the code itself covering topics like model, forms, and templates of the plugin.

All of this on a practical example so you can easily follow the process step by step!

We are working hard to make creating Sylius plugins even more developer- and user-friendly. Stay in touch with the PluginSkeleton notifications and other announcements from the Sylius community. 

Our plugins base is growing fast – why not be a part of it?

Paulina Błaszczyk
As the lead of the Business Partner Network, Paulina guides the proactive development of new opportunities, primarily through building relationships with new and existing partners. She works on evolving the structure of the Network as well as Partner recruitment and activation processes. Paulina also doesn’t like Brussels sprouts.
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