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Month of Sylius: October 🎃

October unfolded as a confluence of community engagements and continuous innovation for the Sylius ecosystem. From the anticipation and meticulous preparations for SyliusCon, the hearty acknowledgment of our sponsors, to the diligent progress towards Sylius 2.0 marked by community contributions, the month was buzzing with activity. New project implementations showcased the adaptability of Sylius, while new partnerships and event participations expanded our horizons. As we bid farewell to October, let’s step into a month filled with collaborative achievements, learning, and forward momentum.

SyliusCon: last call before the conference ⏰

It’s next Friday that we see each other during the second SyliusCon! We won’t lie – it took us a lot of effort to make it all work out the way we imagined. You will have a chance to judge yourself whether we did a good job, but we won’t be modest – we are quite certain we did pretty well here! Here are a few details about the conference we announced in October, wrapped up in a single section.

Final timetable

The final schedule is live on our website. The conference starts at 8:00, finishing the official part at 17:15, followed by an afterparty. For this year, we prepared two tech and one business-oriented track with an astonishing speakers lineup you will learn a lot from!

Final sponsors & partners lineup

We would not be near to organizing the event if it were not for our sponsors. None of them joined the mission by accident – each company that decided to support the conference has a significant impact on Sylius, and for that, we could not be more proud and grateful 🙏.

Special thanks to Mollie, our naming sponsor; BitBag and Ergonode, our gold sponsors; Monsieur Biz, SensioLabs and Commerce Weavers, our silver sponsors; EMAGMA, Netgen, bitExpert AG, Vue StoreFront, Sulu CMS, LH.pl, and Centuria our bronze sponsors. A big shoutout to our media partners, PHPers Summit, e-Izba, ForumPHP, JustJoinIT, and No Fluff Jobs.

Be(er)fore and after parties

🍻 Kick off the SyliusCon on November 2nd with a bang at the be(er)fore bash, starting at 20:00 at Wodopój, Market Square, Poznań. Just a 20-minute walk from MTP, step into a vibrant atmosphere, mingle with fellow attendees, and relish the taste of Poland with a variety of dishes and drinks. This is the perfect prelude to the insightful days ahead!

🥂 As the day winds down, the celebration continues with the SyliusCon after-party at MK Bowling, Market Square, Poznań, starting at 21:00. A 30-minute walk from MTP will lead you to an evening filled with engaging conversations, a game of bowling, Polish beer, and delectable snacks.

Community Product update

Lots of things happened in our community project this month! We are still working hard to prepare for the 2.0, making our product better every day. Here is exactly what took place on our public GitHub repository:

API Maintenance Updates

  •  Enabled ShopUserNotVerified validator. 
  •  Upgraded AvatarImage resources to API Platform 3. 
  •  Updated VerifyCustomerAccount with new metadata. 
  •  Resolved correct matching of prefixes `/admin` and `/shop. 
  •  Upgraded Country and Province API resources to APIP 3. 
  •  API Platform upgrade: Removal of Deprecations. 
  •  Removed usage of deprecated IriConverter. 
  •  Managing products in Admin API.

Behat API Updates

  • Implemented iri converter providing iri based on a given section. 
  • Set a LocaleCode via the HTTP Accept-Language header.


  • Version upmerge from 1.13 to 2.0. 
  • Version upmerge from 1.12 to 1.13.

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

  • Early return in CartCollector on stateless requests. 
  • Updated payment state machine. 
  • Fixes for Sylius installation with PostgreSQL. 
  • Payment state machine config added. 
  • Fix for failing PHPSpec scenario on Symfony 6.3.5 and above.

Documentation Updates

  •  Updated links that were redirecting to 404 errors.

Other Noteworthy PRs

  • Refactoring for better developer experience. 
  • Added Symfony workflow configurations for various components like Shipment, Order Checkout, and Payment. (Multiple PRs by different contributors)
  • Several upgrades and enhancements for compatibility with API Platform 3, with some PRs having significant discussion and changes requested.

Most active external contributors

In the realm of open-source technology, it’s the unsung developers, our contributors, who propel the journey toward innovation. As we bid farewell to a spirited month of October, it’s time to extend our contributors whose Pull Requests (PRs) have been nothing short of milestones in the continuous evolution of our project. Your endeavors have not only ironed out the creases but have added layers of robustness to Sylius. Without further ado, let’s bask in the glory of our most active contributors for the month:

Whether you are a veteran in the open-source world or a newcomer, your contributions are the stepping stones to our collective success. We are advancing with anticipation as we step into November, awaiting the advancements your collaborations will unfold. The Sylius community is not just appreciative but is inspired by your initiative. Here’s to many more months of collaborative excellence! 🖖
Would you like to contribute and be listed here? Check our contribution guide!

Announced Sylius project victories ✌️

In October, Sylius was named among two serious, successful implementations that were mentioned publically. Kudos to ACSEO and Dedi Agency, our partners, for mentioning Sylius among these victories. Check them out! ⬇️

ACSEO Elevates Airport Parking Services at Aéroport Marseille Provence with Sylius

Utilizing the adaptable framework of Sylius, ACSEO, our Professional Solution Partner, has crafted an online store to refine the airport parking experience at Aéroport Marseille Provence. The platform offers ease in securing a spot with The Place Guarantee, flexibility to amend plans up to 24 hours before parking, and simplicity in updating license plate details. The swift online reservations save time, and the system allows effortless entry through mobile-accessible tickets or plate reading technology. This collaboration exemplifies a seamless meld of ACSEO’s expertise and Sylius’ robust e-commerce capabilities, contributing to more serene and comfortable airport arrivals at Aéroport Marseille Provence. Discover the seamless booking experience here. 🎉

Dedi Agency launches Homemaison’s home decor shop with Sylius

Harnessing Sylius’ dynamic framework, Dedi Agency has created Homemaison’s online store, a one-stop destination for home and family comfort. The platform now offers a curtain, a tailor-made configurator for a personalized touch. Beyond curtains, it expands into a realm of home essentials. The project showcases the synergy between Dedi Agency’s expertise and Sylius’ robust e-commerce capabilities, setting a new benchmark in creating customer-centric digital spaces. Discover Homemaison’s cozy digital abode here. 🚀

Blog Articles Highlights

Besides outstanding customer success stories, a number of blog posts were created in the recent month. Here are the publications worth checking out:

Sylius at multiple events 📢

In October alone, Sylius representatives were present at four significant events. Worth mentioning is the fact that one of our Training Partners is organizing an online training soon! But more on that in a second.

Sylius at ForumPHP 2023

Sylius Core Team members represented us at AFUP ForumPHP 2023 in Paris, the biggest PHP conference in France, which we proudly served as a media sponsor. Representing the Sylius Core Team, Mateusz Zalewski took to the podium to share insights into Behavior-driven Development (BDD) within Sylius, highlighting its benefits and challenges. Mateusz’s talk, “Lights and Shadows of BDD in Sylius,” found a resonant audience. The positive feedback he received showcased the collaborative and learning-driven spirit of the PHP community.

Mateusz has made his presentation slides available to everyone. You can explore the depth of his talk by accessing the slides here.

Sylius at Baltic eCommerce Conferences

We are thrilled to recount our venture to two significant e-commerce conferences in the Baltic region, a journey made possible by invitation from our Professional Partner, Nordcode. This venture accentuated the growing interest in innovative e-commerce solutions like Sylius.

On October 5th, we were exhibitors at Ecomexpo in Vilnius, an event that brought together a vibrant community of local and international e-commerce enthusiasts. Our stand was a focal point for discussing how Sylius can revolutionize e-commerce endeavors.

The engagement continued on October 6th at RIGA COMM in Riga. Our representative, Przemysław Połeć, participated in a discussion panel with Sniedzite Vilmane, Justinas Rastauskas, and Jonas Tirevicius, exploring Sylius as a robust alternative to Magento.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Nordcode for the invitation and hospitality. The insightful interactions at these events highlighted the progressive e-commerce landscape in the Baltics and the growing recognition of Sylius as a reliable e-commerce platform.

Sylius at E-commerce Poland Trade Fair

Adam Heinsius, our DACH business representative, visited the 24th E-commerce Poland Trade Fair in Warsaw together with Jakub Leśniewski – another business representative from our leading partner, BitBag. Many consider this event to be one of the most significant online commerce conferences in Poland, which was a great chance to meet industry specialists, exchange experience, learn a lot, and just mark Sylius’ presence in our local Polish market.

EMAGMA’s Three-Day Online Training

​​Embark on a three-day comprehensive training journey organized by our esteemed partner, EMAGMA. This intensive course, set for November 22 to 24, is designed to unveil the technical fundamentals of Sylius, establishing a pathway toward technical proficiency with the platform.

Conducted online via Discord, the training provides a blend of screen sharing, insightful presentations, and hands-on debugging sessions through PHPStorm, all from the comfort of your setting.

Step into a well-structured course with interactive exercises from EMAGMA’s GIT, shedding light on areas beyond the standard documentation for a deeper grasp of Sylius.

For more details or to secure your spot, contact EMAGMA at [email protected]. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your Sylius expertise under expert guidance!

New professional partnerships 🤝

We are thrilled to expose our newest partners joining the Sylius ecosystem, each bringing a unique blend of technical expertise and innovative solutions in the eCommerce arena. Our partnership network continues to grow, and we are excited to welcome these reputable firms into our community. In October alone, 5️⃣ (!) professional companies decided to join our commercial partner program in various parts of Europe.

bitExpert AG from Manheim, Germany 🇩🇪

Starting with bitExpert AG, our Professional Solution Partner from Mannheim, Germany. Recognized for its solid background in Magento, bitExpert AG extends its expertise beyond by crafting both desktop and mobile applications. Their mission is to manage complex business processes in a scalable, quick, and secure manner across diverse platforms. With a dedicated team of over 60 employees, they embody a shared passion for technology and knowledge, continuously embracing new challenges in the digital business realm.

sitegeist from Hamburg, Germany 🇩🇪

Next, let us introduce sitegeist, our new Professional Solution Partner from the heart of Hamburg, Germany. With a heritage tracing back to 1996, the company has vast experience in eCommerce, content management solutions, and web apps. Their team of 80 qualified specialists, lauded for their outstanding work culture and commitment to quality, consistently deliver innovative eCommerce solutions, with Sylius being one of their preferred technical tools.

Originem from Netherlands 🇳🇱

Moving on to Originem, our Professional Solution Partner from the Netherlands. They focus on aiding brands, wholesalers, and retailers to develop sophisticated eCommerce strategies. Adhering to four core values: Flexibility, Reliability, Simplicity, and Security, they aim to create adaptable eCommerce environments for both B2B and B2C markets. A notable achievement is their creation of the Interlayer platform, facilitating seamless integration of data and digital tools with existing environments.

Centuria from Poznań, Poland 🇵🇱

Welcoming Centuria, our Hosting Partner based in Poznan, Poland, dedicated to offering robust IT services to the eCommerce sector. Their services encompass hosting, management, administration, and technological support, ensuring a stable and secure foundation for eCommerce businesses to thrive. With a mission to equip clients for safe expansion within the eCommerce sphere, Centuria’s extensive experience enables them to address the unique needs and challenges faced by e-businesses adeptly.

Ergonode from Kraków, Poland 🇵🇱

Lastly, we present Ergonode, our new Professional Technology Partner from Kraków, Poland. They are specializing in developing advanced Product Information Management Systems. Their cloud-based platform is a robust solution that enables entrepreneurs and product managers to accelerate product creation, ensure information consistency, and streamline assortment management processes. Ergonode excels in handling large volumes of product data across various channels, sources, and formats, making it a sought-after solution for modern-day eCommerce challenges.

Stay tuned as we share more details about these promising partnerships on our social media channels and website. Each of these partners brings a unique blend of expertise and innovation, and we look forward to the collaborative ventures ahead.

Celebrating 7.5K+ GitHub Stars: A Milestone Reached!

We are thrilled to share that Sylius has crossed the 7,500 stars mark on GitHub, thanks to the continuous support and engagement from our wonderful community. This milestone is a testament to the growing popularity and trust in Sylius among developers and businesses alike.

GitHub stars reflect the community’s endorsement, and reaching 7.5K+ stars signifies a notable level of trust and appreciation. It’s the community’s support that propels Sylius forward, helping us to continuously improve and evolve to meet the dynamic needs of e-commerce projects.

We invite you to visit our GitHub repository to explore more about Sylius and, perhaps, give us a star if you don’t have one already.

A big thank you to the entire Sylius community for helping us achieve this milestone. Your support fuels our motivation to keep pushing the boundaries in the e-commerce realm. Here’s to achieving many more milestones together! 🎉

Social media mentions

As we do every month, this time too, we have reviewed our social media to identify the most catchy mentions and have listed them below:


It has been a long month with all you friends, and we will tell you all about it when we see you again. That is next Friday! Thank you for reading. Special kudos to those heroes mentioned above. Wrapping everything that happened within a month is demanding, but certainly one of the best parts of our jobs since recently! What a great community we all are!

Stay strong, till the next one! 🖖

Mikołaj Król
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