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How to prepare for Black Friday using Sylius?

We live in an era where nearly everyone has experienced online shopping, and Black Friday has become synonymous with unparalleled shopping excitement. It’s more than just a day; it’s a prime showcase for eCommerce platforms to present their best deals and a chance for customers to grab unbeatable offers. Companies must leverage strategic promotions, engage with a broader audience, and effectively set the tone for the upcoming Christmas shopping season.

Challenges of Black Friday shopping

During Black Friday, eCommerce platforms can face various challenges due to the massive increase in website traffic and the complexities of logistical and customer service operations. While this shopping event is a significant opportunity for sales, it also puts the platforms under immense pressure. Here are some of these issues, along with additional challenges:

  • Payment problems – Black Friday sees a high volume of transactions, which can lead to payment processing issues. The systems may struggle to meet the demand, causing delays or failures in processing payments. This not only frustrates customers but can also lead to lost sales.
  • Order fulfillment and inventory management issues – the spike in orders makes it challenging to manage inventory effectively. Real-time tracking becomes critical to avoid overselling products that are out of stock. Additionally, the logistics of efficiently fulfilling and shipping many orders can take time and effort.
  • Server overload and website performance issues – the surge in website visitors can overwhelm servers, leading to slow loading times or even website crashes. This affects the user experience and can deter potential customers from making purchases.
  • Data security threats – with increased online activity, there’s a heightened risk of data breaches. Protecting customer information becomes even more crucial during this period, as any security lapses can result in significant reputational damage and legal consequences.

These challenges require careful planning and robust infrastructure to ensure smooth operations during Black Friday. Addressing them effectively is essential for maintaining customer trust and capitalizing on the sales potential of this critical shopping period.

Black Friday success with Sylius Plus

Sylius Plus, with its customizable and flexible architecture, empowers businesses to tailor their eCommerce solutions according to specific needs and demands. Key features of Sylius Plus, which are particularly beneficial during the Black Friday rush, include:

  • OnePageCheckout – enhancing the checkout process by consolidating it into a single, streamlined page, thus elevating conversion rates and diminishing cart abandonment issues.
  • Returns Management – streamlining the returns process, a crucial aspect during the spike in sales, enabling easy return requests for customers and enhancing their overall shopping experience.
  • Partial Shipment – this functionality efficiently manages orders with diverse shipping needs, splitting them into multiple shipments for quicker delivery and precise tracking, significantly improving customer satisfaction.
  • Loyalty Program – encouraging repeated business through a loyalty points system; this feature is particularly beneficial in fostering customer loyalty and incentivizing increased spending during the competitive Black Friday period.

To celebrate Black Friday, we’re offering a 15% discount on all Sylius Plus modules for the first year and a 10% discount on lifetime fees. This promotion is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your eCommerce capabilities at a more affordable price, ensuring you are fully equipped to handle the demands of Black Friday and beyond.

Adding to the strengths of Sylius Plus for Black Friday, here’s an expanded overview of its modules:

  • Advanced Multi-store – facilitates international business operations by allowing the management of multiple legal entities or business units. It provides specific administrator access and customer account separation, enhancing control and customization for global-scale activities.
  • Multi-source Inventory – enables optimal shipping from various locations and integrates with ERP or WMS for effective stock tracking.
  • RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) – enhances security by assigning specific access levels based on employee roles.
  • B2B Module – tailored for B2B models, it enhances organization management, streamlines wholesale orders, and allows customized pricing lists for customer groups.

In addition to the special Black Friday offer on Sylius Plus, we plan to provide more in-depth information about each module soon. This will give you comprehensive insights into how to leverage their capabilities thoroughly. For those interested in learning more, detailed information about the modular Sylius Plus is available here. This is your chance to understand what Sylius Plus can do for your business, especially preparing for high-traffic events like Black Friday.

Discover all the Sylius Plus benefits

Excellence through partnerships

As we navigate through the bustling landscape of eCommerce, especially in anticipation of events like Black Friday, the significance of selecting the right partners cannot be overstated. The choice of organizations, hosting services, and agencies plays a pivotal role in building a robust eCommerce platform capable of withstanding the intense demands of significant events such as Black Friday.

In this blog segment, we wanted to spotlight our extensive partner ecosystem, each uniquely positioned to tackle the dynamic challenges of high-traffic events like Black Friday. The Sylius Partnership Program, with its three-tier structure, plays a vital role in this endeavor.

  • Professional Solution Partners – are companies beginning their journey with Sylius laying the groundwork for future growth and expertise in utilizing the platform.
  • Premium Solution Partners -are companies that possess more experience than Professional Partners. They have advanced their expertise and involvement with Sylius, showcasing a deeper understanding and more substantial track record in implementing Sylius-based solutions.
  • Leading Solution Partners – are the top tier in the Sylius ecosystem, recognized for their market leadership and in-depth Sylius expertise. These firms, considered the elite within the Sylius community, bring advanced knowledge and extensive experience to the table, setting benchmarks for Sylius implementations and driving innovation across markets.

Each partnership level brings tailored benefits, from joint promotions to direct product development involvement, geared towards enhancing Black Friday readiness. The program’s support services, including workshops and training, are crucial for navigating the complexities of this peak season.

In our quest to understand the full spectrum of Black Friday preparations, we posed a critical question to our two Leading Solution Partners – ‘How important is it to choose the right platform and prepare your online store for Black Friday?’ Their responses, rich in insight and expertise, shed light on the strategic nuances of gearing up for this high-stakes sales event. Below are their thoughts, offering valuable guidance for any eCommerce platform aiming for success during Black Friday.

Radosław Żurawski ~ Chief Sales Officer at BitBag, a Leading Solution Partner from Poland working globally, emphasized the importance of the right e-commerce platform for Black Friday. He highlighted that managing increased website traffic, ensuring fast page loading for better conversion, and having a flexible, scalable platform are crucial. He concluded that the right choice in platform and preparation is key to effective sales strategy, customer relationship building, and strengthening brand reputation. Sylius is the major eCommerce solution BitBag offers to its customers. Radosław claims that due to its flexible architecture and high performance by design, preparing for the above-mentioned challenges is much easier than other solutions.

Hélèna Gravelier ~ Head of Sylius offer at  Synolia, a Leading Solution Partner from France, has a similar opinion on that subject. According to her experience, choosing capable partners and building a relationship of trust for strategic growth in e-commerce is a must for Synolia’s customers. Helena told us that the company works closely with clients using Sylius to navigate technical, marketing, and sales challenges effectively, aiming to elevate businesses to new heights with ease using most of Sylius’ advantages.

As a part of our Black Friday specials, we’re delighted to announce a 10% discount on the first year’s partner fee for new members joining our partnership network. This offer is a perfect chance for those looking to enhance their eCommerce capabilities with Sylius and join a community of industry leaders. If you’re interested, please fill out the form below. Hurry, this offer is only valid until November 24th!

Join our partnership program!

SyliusCon speaker talks about handling Black Friday(s) with Sylius

At this year’s SyliusCon, which took place earlier this month, our speaker and long-term community member, Gabi Udrescu, delved into his experiences with Black Friday on Sylius-powered eCommerce platforms. He began his journey in 2013 as a product owner and, since then, has navigated through various Black Friday events. Needless to say, as a Product Owner with a strong technical background, he had a lot of great insights to share, including how well-performing Sylius could be during Black Friday traffic peaks.

In celebration of Black Friday, we’ve uploaded Gabi’s in-depth presentation on our YouTube channel. It’s a must-watch for anyone curious about facing the Black Friday challenge with Sylius.

If Gabi’s presentation has inspired you to embark on your own Sylius journey, we’re excited to offer a 30% discount on our course as part of our Black Week offerings! It should provide the perfect starting point for those eager to explore the world of Sylius, laying a solid foundation for your eCommerce venture.

Patryk Baczewski
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