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How to optimize and deliver visual media on your website in no time? Meet TwicPics!

TwicPics in numbers

Florent Bourgeois, Julian Aubourg, Xavier Baldacci, and Marc-Henri Spiess founded TwicPics in 2018 with the idea of empowering web professionals with exceptional tools to create and deliver state-of-the-art web experiences. Their promise was to deliver the best possible online user experience through faster site speed and optimized content quality for each and every one of their customers’ end-users.

Thanks to a €1.7M seed funding round, the company has been able to expand: new hirings, better services and bleeding-edge features.

Today, TwicPics delivers more than 8 billion images every month with a 5ms median delivery time for all their clients worldwide.

What is TwicPics?

TwicPics is a real time image processing service and enables businesses of all sizes to deliver rich visual content with high performance and easy setup. Every developer and tech team can deliver the best visual experience possible to their users on the web: pixel perfect, high quality, lightning fast and personalized.

Their offering? Higher engagement and conversion rates with no tech constraints and a lower carbon footprint.

In a nutshell, TwicPics:

  • simplifies the delivery of your responsive media online for your marketing/digital/IT teams;
  • reduces your pages load time on desktop and mobile;
  • automatically handles pixel density and always determines the most suitable image format and resolution depending on the user’s context – device, browser and network quality;
  • boosts SEO thanks to better Core Web Vitals metrics — LCP and CLS in particular;
  • out-of-the-box UX & image delivery best practices: global CDN, lazy-loading, smart cropping, NextGen formats (WebP/AVIF) and web components for popular JavaScript frameworks — VueJS, React, Angular and Svelte.

Our partnership with TwicPics

Web professionals are always seeking for new optimizations. We believe in the future of composable commerce and a ‘best-of-breed’ strategy to gain a better webperf. It is definitely the end of rigid all-in-one solutions with no agility. 

Sylius is designed to be at the heart of your modern e-commerce stack, so you can integrate all the components you want and need: your current or future PIM, CRM, Marketing Automation solution, and more. Choose the best in each category! For media optimization and delivery, you can pick TwicPics with your eyes closed!

Why TwicPics?

La Redoute, L’Oréal, Galeries Lafayette or Franprix — among others — leverage TwicPics to deliver better user experiences and boost key business metrics such as:

  • a +15% increased  conversion rate
  • a +7% increased SEO performances
  • a -50% decreased bounce rate
  • a -80% decreased carbon footprint

Technical benefits:

  • Easy and quick integration
  • Self-service solution with a free quota (3GB of CDN bandwidth)
  • Technology-agnostic, TwicPics can be integrated in any CMS on the market, used within any framework (React, Vue, Angular, etc), and communicate with any storage solution (bucket cloud, bare metal, PIM, DAM)

Simply put, TwicPics is the solution you should choose to shorten your time to market and decrease your team workload! You get best-of-breed technical results and the best experience possible for your internet users. You generate more business online thanks to better SEO performances, lower bounce rates, and higher conversion rates.

Ask for a demo or get started for free directly!

Kevin Bessat
Kevin is our one-man French Sylius army a.k.a. France Country Manager 🇫🇷 to expand Sylius operations in France. Born, educated, living and working there most of his life. Not only does he bring in the knowledge of local culture, language and customs, but also a great business experience with a large set of connections in the local network.
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