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Celebrate Hacktoberfest with Sylius!
Throughout the entire October everybody is invited to the celebration of Hacktoberfest! Let’s join together, make Sylius even better and open ourselves to open-source driven career.

Throughout the entire October, thanks to DigitalOcean, GitHub and Twillo, everybody is invited to the celebration of Hacktoberfest! Let’s join them together, make Sylius even better and open ourselves to open-source driven career 🙂

Ok, but what is this Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest is the month-long celebration of open-source software. It is all about doing something for others. Like with every altruism, if you dedicate some part of your knowledge and time – in return you will receive satisfaction and gratitude. Besides, if you make at least 5 contributions to any (or multiple) repositories, a free limited T-shirt + pack of stickers will be sent to you, wherever you are! Are there any strings attached? No, there aren’t! Doesn’t it seem like a perfect win-win? Do you need any other reason to take part in this celebration? Let me add, that 31901 contributors took part in this challenge and completed it last year. Bonus points from Sylius Crew, if you make Sylius a better product 😀

Hey, it sounds fantastic! How can I participate?

First of all, you need to register at the official Hacktoberfest website from the 1st of October. Secondly, you need to find five points of improvements in some open-source repositories. A good starting point (product placement) is the #hacktoberfest label in one of the Sylius repositories. For your convenience, we have prepared a special public project on our organization, so it is easier to find some issues to work on:


Of course, any other open-source repository is a perfect place to take part, so looking for improvements in API Platform or Symfony itself is more than welcome. Some of them will be listed on the official Hacktoberfest website. It is not required, but I would like to encourage you to share your contribution in social media so that we can make even more noise about the whole action. Don’t forget about #sylius and #hacktoberfest hashtags!

Should I know anything else?

There are numerous events about Hacktoberfest all around the World. One of them is hosted in Lille on 6th of October, thanks to our wonderful Partner, Les Tilleuls, and we will be present there as well! We will work on API Platform, Sylius, and other Symfony libraries. Feel free to join us at the meetup!

Moreover, we are thinking about organizing such an event in our hometown, Łódź. Would you like to visit us and hack something for the community? Alternatively, maybe you are interested in organizing something similar in your city? Get in touch with us, and we will try to figure something out 🙂

So, join Hacktoberfest, make open-source projects even better, and get your fancy swag from DigitalOcean! See you at Github! 🙂

Łukasz Chruściel
Łukasz is currently solely focused on development of Sylius products. His main area of interests are solving development problems and increasing knowledge of less experienced fellow software engineers. He is cooperating with our Product Owner in terms of technical features. You may spot him on Github, answering your issues and reviewing your PR’s.
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