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Anna Chojnacka
15.05.2018 | 2 mins read

A Month Of Sylius #9 (April 2018)

Here in our home city April was a very first month of Spring. Warm and sunny days gave us a lot of energy to do another great things. We also welcomed a new workmate – Paulina Błaszczyk, who is holding the administrative roles. April was also a month of Sylius’ Birthday, which we celebrated in the biggest polish theme park Energylandia.

Sylius Development Highlights

We have released the following versions of Sylius:

  1. v1.0.13
  2. v1.1.3
  3. v1.0.14
  4. v1.1.4
  5. v1.1.5

They Talked About Us

  1. Lukas Smith from our partner agency Liip wrote an article comparing Spryker and Sylius. Read the article to see what fits your business.
  2. Radu from Trisoft published an article about our partnership. If you are considering to become our partner or just would like to know how does it look like, you should read it.
  3. Maja from our newest awesome partner Inchoo leaded an interview with Paweł during the Sylius training he provided for this well-known eCommerce agency. You can read it here.

Upcoming Events

  1. On May 23 our Solution Partner – Locastic is organising a Sylius Meetup in Croatia. Łukasz will give there a presentation “Complicated logic? Command pattern to the rescue!” and Ivo Lukač will tell about “Last Minute Ticket for GDPR”. There will be also some networking time. You can’t miss it!

Sylius Company Life

  1. On April 3 we took part in the second Holacracy Practitioners Meetup in Gliwice. Paweł participated in the discussion panel. If you missed it you can see a video coverage here.
  2. Just after the Easter Holiday Paulina Błaszczyk joined our team. She is holding administrative roles and she is doing great!
  3. Mateusz Zalewski gave a presentation “Unit Tests is not everything” during the Academic IT Festival in Kraków.
  4. On April 6 Sylius collected 4000 GitHub stars! Once more, big thanks to our great community.
  5. Some of us took part in 4Developers conference in Warsaw. As always, guys had a chance to learn some useful things.
  6. Łukasz trained Webstores. The Dutch team with help frome Łukasz managed to develop new Sylius customizations like new promotion rules, state machine or shipping calculators.
  7. On April 12, Tymek gave a presentation “Open Source – social media of the IT industry” at the “Social Media Thursdays” meetup in Łódź.
  8. From April 18 to April 20 Paweł was training a of Inchoo – Croatian eCommerce agency. After the training Tomislav from Inchoo showed the city to Paweł. It was a pleasure to visit you!
  9. At the same time, Łukasz trained one of the best marketing agency in DACH countries – Reichslund Partner & Netgen. Both companies are well-known eZ Publish partners and we had a pleasure to train them simultaneously.
  10. What is more, at the very same days, Tymek and me attended Łódź Jungle Web (link), which is the biggest marketing conference for students in Poland.
  11. On April 23 we were celebrating Sylius’ Birthday. We went to Energylandia and had lots of fun. You can check out a photo documentation here.
  12. In April Sylius welcomed three new Solution Partners – Massiveart, mentioned before Webstores and Inchoo.


As you can see, April was a very busy month for us, but Sylius’ Birthday and a great fun gave us a huge burst of energy. Now we are ready for another year of Sylius conquering the eCommerce world! 🙂

Anna Chojnacka
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