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A Month Of Sylius #8 (March 2018)
A Month Of Sylius #8 (March 2018)

Another busy month is behind us. The biggest project we’ve carried out was Holacracy adoption. Also, the 10th team member – Bartek – joined us at the beginning of March. As always, there were a lot of talks and presentations about Sylius all around the world. Read more below!

Sylius Development Highlights

We have released the following versions of Sylius:

  1. v1.0.12
  2. v1.1.2

Also, our community delivered some new awesome plugins:

  1. SyliusImportExportPlugin, which development started during the Hackathon in October, is now stable and ready to use. We are happy to see how our partners and contributors join effort to expand Sylius Ecosystem. Kudos to Matthias from solutionDrive, Lukas form Liip and Stefan Doorn. You are the true Friends of Sylius!
  2. SyliusElasticsearchPlugin was released & the new version of SyliusInvoicingPlugin tagged by BitBag.

They Talked About Us

  1. Mikołaj Król gave a presentation about Sylius at PHPers meetup in Warsaw.
  2. Grégoire Hébert elaborated about shop migration from Prestashop to Sylius at the Super Apéro PHP (AFUP Hauts de France) meetup in Lille.
  3. Mikael Randy talked about Sylius at Confoo conference in Montréal and at AFUP Lyon.

Upcoming Events

  1. On April 7 Mateusz will give a presentation about automated testing at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland.
  2. We will take part in 4Developers 2018 conference on April 9. It is going to be great experience, as always!
  3. Another trainings are coming. Łukasz is going to train developers from webstores.nl and later Reichl und Partner Werbeagentur, whereas Paweł will meet with a great and well known eCommerce agency Inchoo.

Sylius Company Life

  1. We announced our eight first Solution Partners. See the list here.
  2. Sylius Community Forum was launched.
  3. Our Marketing Specialist, Tymoteusz Stengert, gave a presentation about Open Source as the best way to develop your product & yourself in the IT world based on his experience in Sylius, at the KarieraIT meetup in Łódź.
  4. We took part in Holacracy training provided by Ewa Bocian from dwarfs&Giants. Read more in the recent blog post.
  5. Bartek Pietrzak joined our team as a Software Engineer. Happy to see our team growing so fast.
  6. Konrad Alfaro gave a presentation called “GraphQL & PHP – Will it blend?” at PHPers meetup in Łódź.
  7. Paweł provided trainings for Massiveart (Sulu CMS creators!) and FDM (Federation of Danish Motorists). Very interesting Sylius projects are on the horizon!
  8. Łukasz Chruściel got a Master Of Science degree. What is more, he decided to make his project open source. It’s called Beery and is a backend application for sharing beers information and rating them. You can see the repo here.
  9. Łukasz & Konrad participated in the Event Storming Workshops provided by Mariusz Gil and Krzysztof Menżyk and hosted by Product Craftsmanship – Agile Wrocław. Our developers found it extremely interesting.


As you can see, a lot of things are going on and we are not slowing down. April will be focused on trainings and some crucial talks with our business partners. We will also celebrate Sylius’ Birthday! 🙂

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