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05.03.2018 | 2 mins read

A Month Of Sylius #7 (February 2018)


Hello everyone, my name is Ania and I had a great opportunity to become a part of Sylius Team at the beginning of 2018. Right now I would like to tell you more about this time. I could watch Sylius kicking off the new year with lots of achievements. The new website, Sylius v1.1.0 release and the Solution Partner Program start are only a few of all things that have happened recently.

Sylius Development Highlights

  1. Sylius v1.1.0 has been released. You can read more about it in the blog post.
  2. We have also published patch releases v1.0.9, v1.0.10, v1.0.11 and v1.1.1.

They Talked About Us

  1. Mikołaj Król from BitBag did a webinar about Sylius CMS Plugin.
  2. Carlos Revillo gave a presentation “Sylius, un framework para ecommerce” at Codenares meetup in Spain.

Upcoming Events

  1. You can meet us at PHPers Warszawa #14 today (March 5) and hear Mikołaj Król from BitBag talking about BDD in Sylius and Symfony.
  2. Grégoire Hébert will elaborate about shop migration from Prestashop to Sylius at the Apéro PHP Lille meetup on March 8.
  3. Mikael Randy will talk about Sylius at Confoo conference in Montréal, Canada on March 9.
  4. We are organising PHPers meetup in our hometown Łódź and we hope we will meet you there on March 16!
  5. Last but not least PHPers meetup will take place in Opole on March 23. It will be the first PHP Community event there so it may be interesting to see it. We will be there!

Sylius Company Life

  1. Our old domain,, is no longer available. We have published a new website Apart from the fresh design you can find here a lot of new information and subpages.
  2. Sylius Solution Partner program has been launched, you can see a list of our first partners here.
  3. We have rethought Sylius’ slogan & cover photo in order to better emphasize the core values of our product. Let us know what you think: “Open Source eCommerce Framework on Symfony”.
  4. We have published our Roadmap for 2018.
  5. At the beginning of February our Mateusz had a pleasure to train SolutionDrive, Sylius Solution Partner from Germany. It was good to be back in Nuremberg! See a photo coverage on Facebook.


We are not going to slow down after this really active beginning of the year. There are still a lot of projects in progress, so stay tuned and see you next month. 🙂

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