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A Month of Sylius #4 (October 2017)
October was the first month in business with the stable version of Sylius. We are happy and impressed with the number of contact, services & partner requests we have received. It only proves the value of the product and we are doing our best to build a vibrant ecosystem around the technology that we love.
A Month of Sylius #4 (October 2017)

October was the first month in business with the stable version of Sylius. We are happy and impressed with the number of contact, services & partner requests we have received. It only proves the value of the product and we are doing our best to build a vibrant ecosystem around the technology that we love.

What have we been working on? What has changed since the last month? Find out below!

Sylius Development Highlights

1) 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 releases: https://github.com/Sylius/Sylius/releases/tag/v1.0.1 + https://github.com/Sylius/Sylius/releases/tag/v1.0.2

2) PHP 7.2 support by @stefandoorn & @pamil: https://github.com/Sylius/Sylius/pull/8771 + https://github.com/Sylius/Sylius/pull/8908

3) Bulk actions were added by @stefandoorn and @GSadee: https://github.com/Sylius/Sylius/pull/8491

4) Translatable select attributes were implemented by @GSadee: https://github.com/Sylius/Sylius/pull/8766

5) Backwards Compatibility Promise by @pamil was merged and it’s official now: https://github.com/Sylius/Sylius/pull/8901

6) Sylius Plugin Skeleton: https://github.com/Sylius/PluginSkeleton – @pamil created a skeleton which has built-in infrastructure for designing a new Sylius extension with testing using Behat. Read more here

7) Plugin naming convention clarified and documented thanks to @stefandoorn: https://github.com/Sylius/Sylius/pull/8903

8) Friends Of Sylius group was created by @bitbager and joined by the most active community members. It’s a place for all Sylius geeks, where you can find any necessary information to become a master of our technology.

They Talked About Us

1) “Interview with Paweł Jędrzejewski, founder of Sylius project” – the first interview for the official Symfony website.

2) After the 2nd Sylius Hackathon in Germany a lot of quality content showed up thanks to SolutionDrive – a company that organized the event and has been promoting us really actively in Germany for a while. We had a really amazing & inspiring time in Nuremberg and hope to build a fruitful partnership with the hackathon’s great hosts.

All videos are available at SolutionDrive’s YouTube channel. You will find there:
* Interview with Paweł and his Keynote (Introduction to Sylius)
* Interview with Magdalena, our Project Manager & Documentation Lead
* Interview with Mateusz, our Software Engineer & Consultant/Trainer
* Recap from the event.

Summary blog posts were published:
* “Recap zum 2. Deutschen Sylius Hackathon 2017” by Andreas Illig, SolutionDrive CEO
* “Rückblick Sylius Hackathon 2017” – ProudCommerce, a company which works with Ocid platform on the daily basis, decided to come to the Hackathon and learn about Sylius. It seems like they enjoyed it!

Many interesting Sylius extensions started to be developed during and afterwards the hackathon:
* SyliusImportExportPlugin by @lsmith77 with an assist of @solutionDrive-Alt
* Sylius Docker Environment by @adepretis (guys from ProudCommerce also helped):
* Sylius API was a biggest group, led by Łukasz. The most interesting projects were:
* * SyliusPWAExample
* * SyliusFacebookShopBot: this one was really nice – @Jnoack331 from SolutionDrive built a bot that communicates inbetween Sylius & Facebook API. It allows to ask via messenger on your shop fanpage about products that you sell. In response you get an item’s image and price.

3) “Magdalena Banasiak Discusses Sylius, Her Software Development Career And Ecommerce Platforms” – an interview with “Sylius Wonder Woman” by Shahroze Nawaz from Cloudways.

4) “Innovative solutions are the key to opening doors to large foreign clients”: an article showed up in Zimo – a trendsetting tech & lifestyle magazine in Croatia. It describes a successful launch of Conforama website built with Sylius by an awesome agency web.burza from Zagreb. Conforama is the second largest furniture chain store in Europe. We couldn’t be more happy to showcase such a project. Case study coming soon to our website!

5) “What we learned by merging two large Symfony based applications” – a presentation about Sylius & eZ Publish integration, made by Ivo Lukac from Netgen. Ivo is doing an awesome work with this talk, visiting multiple conferences around Europe, evangelizing people with Sylius. The next on on the horizon is SymfonyCon itself! (Find out more in “Upcoming Events”).

6) Guys from Netgen are also developing Netgen Layouts, a product based on Sylius and eZ Platform. A blog post about the newest version available here.

Upcoming Events

1) Ivo Lukac will present on SymfonyCon “What we learned by merging two big Symfony based applications” (Sylius & eZ Publish).

2) Kamil is going to visit Maintainerati, “an unconference, open space for open source software maintainers”.

3) Łukasz will lead a training for #SyliusOneZero contest winners, Emagma. Also, he will talk at the meetup in Toulouse. Beginning of December is the date! More details in upcoming days.

Sylius Company Life

1) Another successful conferences behind us:
* Paweł’s slides from Symfony Camp UA available here
* Łukasz, Mateusz & Kamil seized their opportunity and filled a missing conference slot at Polycon after the excellent Matthias Noback could not present.
* Łukasz led a Sylius workshop during the hackathon at the Symfony Live Berlin conference.
* Paweł spoke about testing and communication with a client in IT projects in a presentation: “Behavior Driven Development on the example of an Open Source project” at for Virtual Expo, online job fairs
* Magdalena & the rest of the team learned how to be scrum at PMI Roast
* Łukasz, Kamil & Konrad attended 4Developers Łódź.

2) Due to a growing interest in D-A-CH, we’ve launched an official Sylius profile on Xing, the biggest business social network in German speaking countries.

3) We’re continuously developing our YouTube channel. Recently, we’ve reuploaded some live videos from Sylius fanpage (including Q&A with Paweł). Also, we maintain a list of all Sylius-related videos there.

4) An experienced PHP & Symfony developer Konrad has joined our team. We’re happy with every young talent becoming a part of our crew. In upcoming weeks we’ll be hiring more awesome people. Stay tuned!


With the upcoming launch of the Sylius Solution Partner Program, many interesting consulting gigs for big eCommerce players, planned classroom & on-site trainings and various meetups being arranged – we’re thrilled to see what the future will bring.

Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to get fresh Sylius news directly to your inbox!

Tymoteusz Stengert
New Business Lead, evolving structure and processes for direct sales and customer service. Sylius Advisor for enterprise projects and strategic technology partnerships. Regularly checking on the competition and bringing market feedback to the development team. One of the first employees of Sylius product company in 2017.
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