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Tymoteusz Stengert
04.10.2017 | 3 mins read

A Month of Sylius #3 (September 2017)

Hi everyone! The most important month in Sylius history so far is already behind us. As you know, v1.0.0 was released on 13th of September. We needed some rest after these intense days, but now we’re getting back to you with even more power.

As it happens with a stable version of every software, at the beginning there are many issues to work on – some rules & coding standards have to be set.

Sylius Development Highlights

1) BC Promise RFC – Our Kamil has started an issue of Backwards Compatibility of Sylius as a stable software. We request for your comments. All opinions are highly welcomed! –

2) Sylius coding standard introduction – /

3) Lots of new features in elasticsearch plugin (All credits go to @psihius and @pamil) –

4) Stable Sylius ofc tag – you can download entire Sylius source code here:

5) Lots of fixes (1.0.1 release incoming), including @gsadee – (select attribute option renaming support) & @loic425 – (more concise average rating calculations).

6) Strict scalar types –

7) @stefandoorn’s theme bundle url packages support –

They Talked about us

1) “Sylius – The Revolution of eCommerce” – – SolutionDrive has published an English version of an interview with Paweł (Sylius Founder) & Tim (Sylius Marketing).

2) “Sylius Shopsystem veröffentlicht ihr erstes Release am 13.09.2017” (Sylius Shopsystem publishes its first release on 13.09.2017) – – another German article, this time on the blog dedicated to ERP & eCommerce technology. Cool!

3) “Sylius – for small or highly customized stores” – – a well-known eCommerce development agency started to offer services using Sylius.

4) “Sylius Is Ruffling Feathers in the Ecommerce Industry – But Can it Rub Shoulders With Magento?” – – it’s nice to see Magento experts interest in our platform.

5) “How To Install Sylius (V.1.0.0) Ecommerce Platform On Cloudways” – – a great tutorial for those who want to deploy Sylius on SaaS solutions.

6) “My adventure with Sylius and Open Source” – Part 1 & 2 – – we can always count on Mikołaj from BitBag. This time he described his experience with Sylius so far. Read his story and find out how to transform 480 hours of work with Magento 2 into 160 hours in Sylius.

7) “Sylius : Concevoir un système de badges” (“Sylius: Designing a badge system”) – – Laurent from Adfab agency explains how to integrate Sylius with a gamification app. We love to see how people utilize Sylius extendibility.

8) There’s also an interesting thread on Reddit about v1.0.0 Stable Release. You can check other developers opinions and add your own here:

Upcoming events

1) Our developers: Łukasz, Mateusz and Kamil will attend PolyCon Barcelona on 6-7th of October. If you are there and want to have some chat about our framework, look for smiling guys wearing Sylius T-shirts.

2) At the same time (October 7th), Paweł will present Sylius at SymfonyCampUA – the biggest Symfony conference in eastern Europe. He’s coming back to Kiev after 4 years, when he presented Sylius there for the first time: A lot has changed since 2013!

3) For the last time, we would like to invite you to Sylius Hackathon in Nuremberg. We are going to meet on 13-15th of October thanks to Solution Drive GmbH. Our entire Core Team will be there. Let’s have fun together! Register here:

4) Finally, our Łukasz will lead a Sylius workshop during Symfony Live coneference in Berlin, 25-27th of October. More details soon!

Sylius Company Life

Our company’s life was wrapped around the Release. We’ve engaged a lot of power to deliver the best possible technology on time and make it all look glorious.

1) #SyliusOneZero campaign was quite a success and we want to thank you again for your involvement. For those who haven’t heard a word about it, here is a thing:

2) Sylius v1.0.0 Release Party was some real fun! See the album from this day here:


As you can see, we’re not slowing down after the release. We’re improving Sylius framework every day. But also we are working hard on the business and marketing strategy for the next months, so expect some big things!

Tymoteusz Stengert
Marketing Specialist

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