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3rd Sylius Hackathon powered by Brille24. The summary
The summary of the 3rd Sylius Hackathon powered by Brille24. Great people, great adventure, and a little bit about Shop API.

After the 3rd Sylius Hackathon in Germany powered by Brille24 (20-22.09), we needed to rest a little bit, but now we’re back with some info about what exactly happened in Oldenburg and why it was so much fun. Stay with us to read this summary and learn what exactly was done during those amazing two days.

The road was long but totally worth it

Though we were on the road for about 8 hours, Sylius Team arrived in Oldenburg in a great mood on Friday evening. We started the night with a little gathering in a local pub to get to know each other a little bit and talk about the next day’s tasks. 

The next day started at about 9 o’clock and we quickly moved to the first talks given by Paweł Jędrzejewski and Patrick Jurgens, the CTO of Brille24. Then the party started ;). We began with choosing tasks that were suitable for developers’ interests so the whole day of coding could be really productive. The main star of the Hackathon was definitely our Shop API but we were also developing other parts of Sylius. We were working on our tasks until the late evening and then we had a really nice dinner. 

On Sunday, we started the day with another lightning talk and then we went to the round of coding. The day ended with a summary of our work and some talks about the possibilities of Sylius. 

Thank you!

Once again, a big thank you goes to everyone involved with this Hackathon. We were really touched by your engagement in developing Sylius. Even though Open Source projects can be quite difficult, the fun from the joint development of our Platform is huge.

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