Skontaktuj się z naszym partnerem Skontaktuj się z naszym partnerem

We are beyond software development. Since 2002, we have been providing both strategy and execution to entrepreneurs who seek scaling and competitive advantages.

Our core competencies lie in software engineering, product development, process digitalization and business analytics in areas such as e-commerce/retail, logistics and transportation, mobility and travel.

Although KAYAK and HomeToGo are our most visible cases (we built the latter from scratch!), our colleagues are equally proud to have contributed to market changers like PlugSurfing, Alaiko, Weezy, Smarketer, HansNatur, and dozens of others.

Our job is to bring value to our customer businesses. And so, as true partners, we always provide insights and guidance on all other important bits and pieces such as UX, UI, CRO, business strategy and future scalability.

Words such as “digital transformation” and “digital innovation” for some are just keywords. To us – these are the concepts we believe in and work for. Daily. Our team is simply curious about businesses and passionate about tech. This is what really fuels success, no matter what you call it.

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