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400% Sales Growth with Headless Ecommerce Platform
P24 is one of the biggest Belarusian food retailers. Read about headless Sylius implementation and a striking 400% sales growth.
400% Sales Growth with Headless Ecommerce Platform

Food delivery in eCommerce businesses brings a number of challenges. A huge amount of data and lots of products in the store definitely need a special treatment. This time was no different but our Partner – BitBag, managed to succeed.

Who is P24? 

P24 is one of the biggest Belarusian food retailers. The history of the development of the PerekrestOK trading network began in 2002 with the opening of two stores that were focused on customer service in the most economical format for Mogilev. In 2010, the network expanded to 12 retail outlets, and at the beginning of 2014 already 15 PerekrestOK stores met their customers in different regions of Mogilev. Taking into account various consumer needs, stores of various sizes were created. The assortment of P24 includes more than seven thousand items. Each visitor can purchase everything they need here, without wasting time traveling to remote supermarkets.

What was the challenge? 

P24 wanted to move their current, outdated web-store to the Sylius solutions and scale its business. The main problem their web-store was facing was an overall slowness strongly connected with the huge amount of data to manage. What they needed was an efficient CMS and powerful search option. Also, the ordering, invoicing and reporting process needed a revamp. P24 wanted the online store to be available also as a Single Page Application.

The main goals behind this project was to not only create One Page App experience with a headless eCommerce approach, but also improving the shopping experience by adding a Wishlist, a faster search option and a reservation option. The bullet points that were crucial were also an optimization of the check-out and ordering process and implementing a truly powerful CMS. BitBag was also focused on securing access to the admin panel and increasing scalability. 

How was it done? 

BitBag provided a set of Sylius customizations in order to achieve all client’s business goals. Our Partner used Elasticsearch for data filtering, their CMS integration for content management, developed an ACL for role management and finished the Vue.js SPA integrated with Sylius headless Shop Api. On top of that, BitBag also migrated the data using their Import/Export module. Before the launching of the project, BitBag also took care of optimizing page loads and configuration of the Google Cloud service to make it work smoothly. 

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In effect, P24 increased online sales by 400% and we are completely astonished by this outcome. The page load decreased by 70% and due to the great mobile experience, the mobile traffic increased by 250%. More flexible platform gave the possibility to find long-term clients and a stable income of a new online channel. 

„Sylius allowed us to create an advanced online sales platform for grocery retail, practically from scratch within a few months. From the beginning, the idea was to create headless e-commerce, for which Sylius works perfectly and has a great advantage over competitive monolithic solutions. Reduced maintenance costs with 5000 users per day and 150000 products are also an advantage for the client to choose Sylius as a platform. The ability to improve the platform allows for constant improvement and introduction of new changes, which bring greater income from e-commerce.”
Damian Murwaski, the Lead of the project


When we look at that kind of results after implementing Sylius, we’re always impressed. We feel very proud that BitBag has managed to complete this unusual task with that kind of success. That huge increase of sales and mobile traffic is beyond amazing. Sylius dealt here with not only a huge amount of data but also with numerous customizations. What’s impressive, the whole work was done only by 1-3 developers (depending on the needs of the project). If you would like to join the circle of our Partners and get our support on a daily basis, do not hesitate to write us.