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Companies that trusted Sylius
Case studies
Printing the future of eCommerce with Sylius
built by Webgriffe
The partnership between Tosingraf and Webgriffe, marked by the successful migration to Sylius, showcases the power of embracing digital transformation in the traditionally conservative field of post-printing and customization. This project has propelled Tosingraf to new heights, enhancing its operational efficiency, customer engagement, and market adaptability. The move to Sylius, expertly executed by Webgriffe, has not only improved Tosingraf's technological landscape but also underscored the importance of forward-thinking and strategic collaboration in today's digital era. This achievement demonstrates Webgriffe's expertise as a Professional Solution Partner and the strategic value of adopting cutting-edge solutions to maintain a competitive advantage.
Midland: „Moving communication” through Europe with Sylius
built by Webgriffe
Based on this case study, it's clear that Webgriffe completed the project for Midland, effectively addressing the challenges presented and meeting the company's needs. By leveraging their expertise and strategic planning, Webgriffe improved Midland's digital presence and enhanced the brand's overall online user experience. The collaboration between Midland and Webgriffe, rooted in a deep understanding of Midland's goals and identity, has led to significant improvements across the board. This project exemplifies how a well-executed digital strategy and thoughtful implementation can transform a company's online ecosystem, making Webgriffe an integral partner in Midland's ongoing success.
Domotio, a renowned and family-owned lighting retailer in Poland
built by BitBag
BitBag, our Global Solution Partner, has developed an eCommerce store on Sylius for Domotio, a well-known and respected family-owned business in Poland's lighting industry. The client received a flexible and scalable platform, effectively meeting the dynamic needs of the market. Moreover, Domotio now distinguishes itself with a modern and user-friendly design, enhancing the shopping experience through improved navigation and an attractive interface.
Aniye By – a mobile-first catwalk for modern technology
built by Webgriffe
Aniye By is an innovative and eccentric fashion brand that won the hearts of many women around the world with its colorful and bold fabrics bringing vintage look into the new level. The company was founded in Carpi in 2000 by Alessandra Marchi and quickly gained thousands of followers loving their original look.
Success Story: EasyMonneret’s Migration from Magento to Sylius
Read about the biggest motorcycle school in France and learn why they chose to migrate from Magento 1 to Sylius.
Dumont Sécurité & SMSP
Dumont Sécurité & SMSP
built by
Dumont Sécurité and SMSP specialize in personal protective equipment as well as firefighting and first aid supplies.
The company was created 50 years ago and is based in France. It has two separate front ends and a common back-office. 
 First, is a B2B site based on customer accounts and quote requests.
 Second, allows B2C customers to purchase medical equipment online. Made by our partner ZOL. This project was a migration from Magento 1.
Place de la Literie
Place de la Literie
built by Mezcalito
Place de la Literie invites you to discover and try out its wide range of products: mattresses, box springs, headboards, relaxation, pillows, duvets.
built by Mezcalito
Tousalon specializes in personalized, customizable furniture collections, designed and manufactured in Europe.