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Les Tilleuls.coop | Sylius Solution Partner | Sylius - Open Source eCommerce framework on Symfony

Country: France
Partner since:2018
Website:Les Tilleuls
Phone:03 66 72 43 94
Address:2 rue Hegel - Bâtiment Canal. 59160 Lomme (France)

Since 2011, Les-Tilleuls.coop has created e-commerce solutions, marketplaces, and enterprise-grade applications for more than 60 companies ranging from industry leaders (Orange, Decathlon, Alstom…) to early-stage startups.

From the very beginning, we have been deeply involved in the open source ecosystem: we’re the creators of the API Platform framework, Symfony top contributors and have contributed code to more than 100 open source projects including the PHP language, Kubernetes, Create React App, Laravel and, of course, Sylius.

Last but not least, as a worker cooperative, Les-Tilleuls.coop is self-managed and is 100% owned by its employees!