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Gally is an open-source, API-first and composable ready Searchandising engine that allows merchants to create modern and remembering User Experiences on their website.


  • Capable to deal with several languages per catalog.
  • Complete management of searchable and filterable attributes of your catalog.
  • Category / Products positioning.
  • Ability to sort products within categories and give them defined positions.
  • Ability to create virtual categories based on rules.
  • Ability to create thesaurus & synonyms 
  • Ability to create boosts on products based on rules 
  • Vector search (IA/LLM)

Gally is a next generation Searchandising Engine designed to easily create an API-first E-Commerce Search Engine that can still be customized to fit your needs.

Gally is MACH ready and perfectly designed to use in a Composable Commerce approach.

  • Decouple your searchandising engine from your E-Commerce application and use it from several channels. (search from shop, mobile app, E-Commerce website, …)
  • Benefit from our  (products, categories, etc…) or extend it to fit you needs.out-of-the-box data model that is perfectly tailored for E-Commerce
  • Benefit from our  out-of-the-box E-Commerce Searchandising features

You can  index additional content (pages, blog posts,…) into Gally and be able to search inside it, thanks to our flexible API.add any additional type of data.

Gally uses Elasticsearch, allowing you to benefit from all the power of this technology, but you do not need to understand all the complicated concepts behind it, since they’re wrapped nicely by Gally’s logic.

Gally uses Api-Platform, allowing you to extend anything related to the data model or to the features.

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