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POPSUGAR: We’ve rebuilt the subscription logic with Sylius
POPSUGAR Must Have is one of most popular subscription service for women that sends subscribers a monthly box of items (fashion, cosmetics etc.) curated by POPSUGAR editors.
POPSUGAR: We’ve rebuilt the subscription logic with Sylius


Building a Subscription Box Service with Sylius

We had an existing subscription box business that had been built very quickly on a homegrown framework for our very limited subscription box use case, but didn’t accommodate selling a la carte items very well.

We were planning on taking the next step as a business and adding a number of new products on top of our existing subscription offerings, so we evaluated a number of different e-commerce frameworks to help us accomplish us.

For our team, the challenge was mostly in taking the existing subscription business logic which had existed in our old framework and injecting it into an e-commerce framework which would provide the a la carte purchasing functionality which we required.

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Intuitive Data Model and Powerful Extendibility

We ended up picking Sylius and I’m so glad that we did. The data model that Sylius uses is intuitive to understand and powerful to extend. It was still a lot of hard work, but Sylius enabled a small team of us to be able to rebuild the subscription logic for our business, add multi-address purchasing, a referral program, reporting features, some admin tools, and adapters for our logistics partners in about three months.

« Handling the billing, ordering, shipping, and account management for tens of thousands of subscribers, Sylius has performed very well as a platform for our ever expanding userbase ».
Patrick McDougle, Software Engineering Manager, POPSUGAR


Business Grows Together with the Framework

It’s been more than two years now since we made the switch to Sylius and we’re still adding more and more functionality to the app. Since then we’ve added an SMS e-commerce platform, subscription box customization, and a new checkout flow. We’re very grateful for the wisdom and hard work that the Sylius community has demonstrated in building such an accessible and powerful framework.