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Les entreprises qui ont fait confiance à Sylius
Études de cas
Jambissima sur Sylius !
créé par
Creative Web Solution, notre Professional Solution Partner, a collaboré avec l'équipe de Jambissima pour créer une boutique en ligne moderne et pérenne basée sur Sylius. Leur objectif était de moderniser l'image de l'entreprise et de renouveler la boutique eCommerce afin de répondre aux normes actuelles et offrir la meilleure expérience d'achat possible.
Aniye By – a mobile-first catwalk for modern technology
créé par Webgriffe
Aniye By is an innovative and eccentric fashion brand that won the hearts of many women around the world with its colorful and bold fabrics bringing vintage look into the new level. The company was founded in Carpi in 2000 by Alessandra Marchi and quickly gained thousands of followers loving their original look.
Scalability is the key(chain) – the case of Smathers & Branson
Read how the success of Smathers & Branson has been shaped and how Sylius helped in creating its current situation.
Natura Selection: how transition to Sylius tripled their sales?
créé par Runroom
It’s always tricky to reach a wide range of potential clients, but things get even more complicated when you especially target those who hold the same point of view as you do. That’s where extremely talented people from Runroom stepped in and with help of Sylius, they increased sales of Natura almost three times.
BestValue – How to Handle Over 2k Requests Per Second
créé par Trisoft
Sylius e-commerce platform is the base of the technological stack of BestValue, a well established brand in Romania, operating duty free shops in all major airports that decided to expand into an online commerce too.
hewi – a pre-owned high-fashion eshop
hewi – a pre-owned high-fashion eshop
créé par In-house team
A forerunner in pre-owned fashion solutions, Hewi (hardly ever worn it) has been around since 2012. It is a platform that gives second life to high end fashion, enabling a circular model of economy in the industry. As the CEO, Tatiana Wolter-Ferguson explains „We were moving from the south of France to the U.K., we were going through our wardrobes, deciding what we should and shouldn't keep and we kept telling each other, "I've hardly ever worn this - sell it.” Migrated from a custom PHP platform to Sylius with an in-house development team.