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2-Day Classroom Training

February 13-14, 2020

Sylius HQ, Łódź

Sylius HQ, Łódź

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Program overview

Introduction to Sylius

What do we want to achieve? And how? • Key goals • Sylius architecture overview • Technical foundations

Store Configuration

Channels • Currencies • Locales • Admins & Customers • Zones • Payment & Shipment methods

Technical Fundamentals

Working with resources • State machine and its usage within Sylius • Emails management • Fixtures

Product Catalog

Product structure • Variants and options • Associations and reviews • Taxons • Inventory

Cart & Orders

Order structure and workflow • Checkout process • Payments and shipments processing

Promotion & Taxes

Promotion structure • Coupons • Taxes structure

Twig Basics

Direct templates overriding • Sonata events • Themes

Introduction to Testing & BDD

Theory of testing • TDD and BDD overview • Basics of PHPSpec

Contributing to Sylius

Why contribute? • Different areas of contributions • Where to start?

Why Sylius?

The most modern eCommerce platform, top #3 for PHP on GitHub
One of the most recommended choice to migrate from Magento 1 (end of support in 2020)
1000 installations per day and growing
Unlimited customizability and amazing community
Loved by developers for 100% Symfony codebase and BDD methodology
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For whom?

Sylius Beginners

If you're starting your adventure with the Sylius eCommerce Platform, the training is for you.

PHP & Symfony Developers

Looking for a modern & flexible eCommerce solution based on Symfony & PHP? You are in the right place.

Agencies & In-house teams

Want to try Sylius to decide whether it's a good solution for your business or your customers' needs? Let your developers get hands on it and you won't regret.

Our trainers

Over 200 developers trained in the last 2 years

Average trainer’s performance is 9.59/10

Average willingness to recommend a training is 9.14/10

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  • "After meeting Pawel at the Forum PHP 2016 in Paris, we had the chance to meet Mateusz in 2018 for the training of our collaborators. We appreciate everyday working with Sylius. This solution allows us to push forward the limits of the e-commerce world, a little further with each project, and all of it with passion and motivation! Our team love it and so are our French customers."

    Jacques Bodin-Hullin, CEO Monsieur Biz

  • "Thanks to the excellent training led by Mateusz, our technical teams have learnt the ins and outs of this new platform which is of a very high standard technologically speaking. Now we collaborate closely with the software vendor to bring out the best of Sylius when working with French merchants."

    Pascal Brunel, CEO Synolia

  • "Mateusz was an excellent trainer and he really helped my team get a good understanding of Sylius. He took the time to explain the core concepts in detail, also going over PHP best practices, which really helped my team increase their knowledge in PHP as well as Sylius."

    Simon R Jones, Founder & Managing Director at Studio 24

  • "We really benefitted from the training with Mateusz. You can learn much from the documentation, trial and error, chats etc., but it's nothing when compared to a 3 day-long training. I recommend to book it and hear the ideas, best practices and all that good stuff from one of the core members. It's just gold."

    Joachim Løvgaard, CEO Setono

  • "Nowadays an eCommerce platform should focus a little bit less on the out-of-the box features and much more on providing a high quality, easy to expand and easy to customize architecture. Sylius is exactly this. "

    Manuele Menozzi, CTO Webgriffe

  • "Sylius is currently the most exciting e-commerce framework on the market. Cleanly programmed and easily expandable, developed by an enthusiastic team and a great community. In the next few months many amazing Sylius projects will be created and we are looking forward to participating."

    Andreas Illig, CEO solutionDrive

  • "Ok guys, time's coming to put focus on Sylius, probably the best thing eCommerce and PHP developers got since Mage 1.0."

    Loïc Caillieux, CEO Emagma

  • "Sylius is a great eCommerce framework for the market of today and tomorrow. Its flexibility and great architecture allow us to provide awesome projects in no time, which means a lot to our customers. We loved it so much that we decided to work only on top of it."

    Mikołaj Król, CEO BitBag

  • "39 days, full B2B ecommerce store, 1 developer. Thanks Sylius!"

    Myke Hines, Software Engineer at Apple


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Enjoy being an eCommerce developer again!