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Sylius Store Now Open – The marketplace of extensions
We are extremely excited to open the Sylius Store - a marketplace for Sylius extensions. Our platform is now used by 1.500+ merchants and this number is growing rapidly.

Hello everyone,

We are extremely excited to open the Sylius Store – a marketplace for Sylius extensions. The platform is now used by 1.500+ merchants and this number is growing rapidly. Installations on Packagist.org are coming close to a milestone of 1.000 per day.

We envision this new platform as one of the cornerstones of our amazing community.


  1. The number of plugins has been constantly growing;
  2. It was not easy to find existing plugins;
  3. A lot of work was duplicated (competition is great, but 5 Mailchimp plugins? :D)
  4. We want to provide customers with a curated experience, according to our quality standards.

What’s there?

We strongly believe in lean and agile development, so what you see is the first iteration that comes with:

  • Catalog of free plugins with descriptions and screenshots;
  • Vendor profiles with a list of plugins;
  • Integration with Private Packagist for paid packages;
  • Plugin registration form;
  • Plugin reviews and ratings;
  • One time payment with PayPal.

The first paid packages will come next week!

For those of you curious about what’s under the hood – it’s a WordPress (browsing) and Sylius (checkout) integration. 🙂

For users (Extension Excellence Program)

We have noticed that one of the major struggles with existing legacy eCommerce platforms is the quality of plugins. We have made major strives by pioneering proper testing and Behaviour Driven Development in this market but our mission does not end with the core.

We will provide a curated experience where every extension will undergo the following reviews:

  1. Purpose-fit – Does it make sense for Sylius users?
  2. Technical – Does it comply with Sylius’ quality standards?
  3. Marketing – Is it clearly described and provides a fair overview of the features?

Sylius Store also makes it easier to find the right plugin – it’s the central place for the entire community so you can browse top extensions in a single place. Developed by certified developers and vendors.

Thanks to the integration with Private Packagist, paid packages can be installed just like the open-source ones. Every customer gets a unique token, which can be used when doing a composer install. The access to the package can be restricted by version or timeframe.

For vendors

As a plugin developer, Sylius Store gives you the opportunity to reach the entire ecosystem of Sylius. With 1.500+ merchants and rapidly growing, it allows monetizing your skills and creates a passive revenue stream.

For Open Source packages, greater exposure and our in-depth extension review (Extensions Excellence Program) is a benefit we provide for the community for free.

Building a plugin is not a trivial task, but an excellent foundation of Sylius – Symfony, Doctrine, Twig and top quality PHP makes it a pleasure. And forget about uploading .zip and .rar files – Sylius Store integrates with Private Packagist and connects to your GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket repository.

How to start?

It’s easy!

  1. Learn Symfony and Sylius from excellent tutorials;
  2. Build a plugin with our Plugin Development Guide;
  3. Submit a plugin;
  4. Get your package approved and published on Sylius Store;
  5. Contribute to the community and get paid by happy customers!

What’s next?

We are launching a Technology Partner Program, which will complement the Sylius Store. More news about that next week but if you would like to learn more already – drop us a message to partners@sylius.com.

When it comes to the platform itself, we plan to iterate on it based on your feedback – let us know what features would be valuable for you as a user or vendor. We think about support subscriptions and accounts system but let’s keep it lean. 🙂

Happy coding!


Paweł Jędrzejewski
Self-taught developer and entrepreneur, who has built an entire career and business through Open Source technology. Speaker at international conferences. PHPers meetups co-organizer. Keen on helping other young entrepreneurs and companies who may want to follow a similar path.
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