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Nordcode becomes the only Sylius Premium Partner in the Baltics

In recent years, the eCommerce world has experienced tremendous growth: the ever-shifting consumer expectations, the explosion of mobile commerce, and the advancement of social commerce have pushed retailers to rethink the way they sell online. But no one can afford to change their tech stack every few years just to keep up with the trends. That’s why we have partnered with Sylius, an open-source headless eCommerce platform that makes custom solutions easy. 

It’s our shared belief that a modern approach to eCommerce development projects can save retailers time, money, and customer loyalty. Since partnering with Sylius, we have successfully delivered many fast, scalable, and innovative eCommerce websites that are enjoyable to use and manage. 

Becoming the only Sylius Premium Partner in the Baltics will help us bring the technology to more regional retailers. 

For the last few years, we have observed a tremendous growth of Sylius in Lithuania. Nordcode has greatly contributed to this phenomenon with more than 10 implementations of our software in this small but powerful market. We are now excited to form an even closer partnership with them with many plans ahead.

– Paulina Błaszczyk, Partner Manager at Sylius

We have leveraged the Sylius platform to sync an existing store management system
with a brand-new eCommerce segment with omnichannel functionality for Apranga Group.
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Since we started working with the Sylius platform 4 years ago, we have noticed many upsides to this agile development framework. 

For retailers, the biggest advantage of opting for the Sylius platform is the flexibility – almost anything can be achieved through customization and the platform’s adaptable infrastructure. And for developers, the lightweight code base that comes tech debt-free makes the Sylius framework particularly appealing. 

We’ve worked with most eCommerce platforms over the past 12 years – we know what’s out there and have been able to compare the different tools. And Sylius stands out as the perfect option for mid-sized and enterprise business needs. So we’re excited about becoming the only Sylius premium partner in the Baltics and can’t wait to bring this flexible, scalable technology to more eCommerce clients in the region.

– Justinas Rastauskas, Business Development Executive at Nordcode.

Think it’s time to modernize your eCommerce platform?
Reach out to us to learn more: [email protected]
Or find us online: https://nordcode.io/ 

About Nordcode

Nordcode Technology is your digital transformation solutions partner. Founded nearly 20 years ago, the company is best known for delivering highly tailored digital strategies and solutions. It specialises in eCommerce, fintech and telco industries, helping brands modernise their commerce, improve user experience, and complete complex development projects.

Aldona Krysiak-Adamczyk
Aldona focuses on content marketing promoting Sylius in social media as well as writing white papers and blog posts. She's fairly new to Sylius, though already infatuated with the teal swan. Privately, she has spent over 10 years chasing a plastic disc for her Ultimate frisbee team - krakUF.
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