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Sylius Academy – New Training Offer
Sylius Academy – New Training Offer

Sharing our experience and philosophy is something we love and in this blog post I’d like to tell you why we’ve created the Sylius Academy and what we are doing within this circle in our organization.

Hello folks!

Our community is growing day by day (we’ve just crossed 1400 Slack users!) and we are excited about upcoming months (years, decades?) of development and growing the Sylius Ecosystem. It wouldn’t be possible without sharing knowledge & best coding practices. We’ve already trained many developers during on-site training sessions in different companies all around Europe. 

Sylius Academy

With the growing popularity of our software, there’s also increasing interest in learning it. We are fully aware of development and market needs of modern eCommerce business. Therefore, we have brought to life the Sylius Academy – a circle in our holacratic organization focused on building a space for developers who want to learn the best coding practices while creating awesome eCommerce websites. Our current offer is based mainly on on-site & classroom trainings, but we want to provide much more. Read this article and find out what is the best way to gain Sylius knowledge and what are our future plans.

Sounds cool, but there is the documentation…

Indeed, there is! It’s well written and can be read as a good book, with plenty of useful information. Of course, reading documentation requires time, which is usually the most valuable resource during the project development. Moreover, you cannot ask questions and have a conversation with it. That’s why we offer the possibility to be trained by one of our experienced Trainers (including me!), who have been working on the Sylius core for many years. During a 3-day workshop, we present a compressed pill of Sylius practical knowledge, which is sufficient for starting a new project or opening your first Pull Requests to our Open Source repository.

During the last few years, we’ve led plenty of trainings all over Europe for our Solution Partners and other companies willing to start their adventure with a new approach to eCommerce development. We were in Germany, France, Croatia, Czechia, Romania and many other countries full of passionate programmers ready to change their professional life.

Getting started with Sylius

Of course, there is a massive number of concepts regarding Sylius that you should learn before you become a fluent Sylius developer. These are State Machine, Doctrine and Symfony. We have our own complex bundles like Resources or Grids. It’s also impossible to learn Sylius without testing tools, like Behat and PHPSpec. Finally, there are lots of Sylius-specific, eCommerce concepts (e.g. Products catalog, Orders, Checkout, etc.) which need to be explored by a new Sylius apprentice. However, our training program provides the most important, key part of Sylius knowledge, required and sufficient to start your adventure with Sylius. Perfectly prepared for a team of programmers, even if they don’t know our framework at all.

Classroom training sessions

Reacting on a high market demand on learning Sylius, we’ve decided to create a brand new offer of so-called “Classroom Trainings”, where you can buy individual seats. It’s a perfect solution for startups consisting of 2-3 developers and freelancers who never had a chance to get trained before. Also the agencies, which have been observing our growth for a while can now send 2 or 3 programmers to check if our framework fits their needs. Remember that if you book more than one seat, you get a 10% discount!

Our classroom course is another great opportunity for ambitious developers, willing to gain some Sylius knowledge from its core team members. First event will happen in Berlin (05-07.09), which, we hope, will be the first of many exciting training sessions organized all over the Europe. We strongly believe that this will be the best way to start your Sylius adventure.

Learn the best coding practices with us and enjoy being an eCommerce developer again. 😉

See you in Berlin!

Mateusz Zalewski
Long-time Core Team member and the main Trainer in the Sylius company with the current focus on improving training programs to make them as fun and developing for the Sylius newcomers as possible. He's also hung up on enhancing Sylius' architecture and its plugins' system. Privately, a huge enthusiast of history and astronomy.
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