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Les entreprises qui ont fait confiance à Sylius
Études de cas
ArtNight custom-tailored solution on Sylius
créé par BitBag
Through collaboration, BitBag, our Global Solution Partner, developed a new platform for ArtNight, transforming it into an entertainment marketplace. This innovation significantly enhanced ArtNight's digital capabilities, improving accessibility, performance, and the site's overall user experience. The upgrade made the platform well-integrated, stable, and scalable, allowing the company to grow and expand to a certain degree without additional interventions.
Centre of Excellence – Learning Management System
Centre of Excellence – Learning Management System
créé par Soap Media
Centre of Excellence is a complex learning platform with over 1 million registered users. It offers courses in over 120 subject areas from wellness to neuro linguistic programming areas. It is the largest Learning Management System in the UK side to Udemy. With the migration from WooCommerce and WordPress to Sylius it reported dazzling results. The ecommerce conversion rate from organic traffic increased 16.5% since the launch of the new website, providing a 202% growth in transactions, and subsequently - a massive, 206% increase in revenue.