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Les entreprises qui ont fait confiance à Sylius
Études de cas
créé par Nedbase is a large Dutch, B2B-oriented webshop selling displays for brochures, posters, books etc. and related items.
créé par Imaxpro
Hewy is a marketplace for designers specialized in wood creations where they can publish and sell their products. You can also contact them for a personalized project! Chat, send pictures and create the project together with the designer. Hewy works with a robot to create your designed order.
créé par Interacto
Ovidias is famous far and wide because of its Belgian chocolates with home-made filling, with a full and creamy taste. First retailer that offers chocolates in cans. Based only on the very best ingredients.
créé par Interacto
HAVEP offers unique tailor-made work clothes for various sectors. The apparel which is not only user-friendly and comfortable, but also aesthetic and safe. Every collection is 100% certified with current EN and ISO norms complied.
créé par Yappa is the webshop of Wilms BVBA from Tessenderlo. Their garden-focused offer has been compiled for customers such as garden contractors, earthworkers and project developers.