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Israeli online marketplace built with Sylius — Azrieli’s case study
By partnering with BitBag and leveraging Sylius as their e-commerce platform, Azrieli successfully addressed their complex requirements and enhanced customer experience, offering a convenient and enjoyable shopping journey.
Israeli online marketplace built with Sylius — Azrieli’s case study

About the company, a part of the Azrieli Group, is a leading online marketplace in Israel. Offering a wide range of products across multiple categories, including fashion, home, electronics, gifts, and more, is committed to delivering an exceptional online shopping experience to its customers.

Main challenges and issues

The company recognized the need to enhance its online shopping platform to better serve its customers. wanted to eliminate customer pain points and needed to address following challenges:

  • Integrating with external tools such as Mirakl, Riskified, Nixale, NetSuite, SAP CDC, Kustomer, etc. 
  • Assuring compliance with local regulations about promotions
  • Setting up product feeds from multiple sources
  • Integrating with various shipping providers
  • Providing loyalty points system
  • Ensuring data can be stored securely and efficiently
  • Creating a two-way integration between the marketplace management tool and Sylius
  • Slack integration for customized notifications
  • Developing an AI-based recommendation system to increase sales

BitBag to the rescue decided to team up with BitBag, a software house, and outsource some tasks. As a part of the cooperation between Azrieli’s and BitBag’s developers, following features and integrations were implemented:

  • Mirakl
    With this marketplace management tool, vendors can update and manage offers, promotions, prices, and stock levels with a two-way integration with Sylius.
  • Riskified
    It’s an automated fraud-check system – protects credit cards and payment information. With Riskified, the company can quickly and easily identify potentially fraudulent activity.
  • Product Feeds
    Configured product feeds from ZAP, Google, and other sources, allow to keep their customers up-to-date on the latest products and promotions.
  • Promotion cool-off mechanism
    The cool-off mechanism helps Azrieli comply with Israeli regulations regarding overlapping promotions. 
  • Slack integration
    Slack integration for Azrieli allows them to send notifications to their staff members.
  • Recommendations
    Thanks to Nixale, an AI-based recommendation system, customers can find the products they need while also helping Azrieli increase sales.
  • ERP integration
    NetSuite is a comprehensive ERP system that helps keep track of prices, stock levels, and other data.
  • AZ Credits
    The loyalty points system allows customers to earn points when purchasing.
    Integration of Azrieli’s store with SAP Customer Data Cloud, a system that stores customer information in one place – allows customers to log in, reset their passwords, and more.
  • Shipping providers
    Integration with multiple shipping providers, including Buzzr, FlyingCargo, and Chita, allows customers to track their orders in real-time.
  • CRM integration
    Integration of Kustomer into Azrieli’s store, giving customers the ability to communicate with the store via customer support at Kustomer and refund orders from Kustomer.

By partnering with BitBag and leveraging Sylius as their e-commerce platform, successfully addressed their complex requirements, enhanced customer experience, and achieved greater efficiency and legal compliance in their online marketplace operations. These improvements have positioned as a leading player in the Israeli e-commerce landscape.

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