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Unternehmen, die Sylius vertraut haben
Case studies
Israeli online marketplace built with Sylius — Azrieli’s case study
built by BitBag
By partnering with BitBag and leveraging Sylius as their e-commerce platform, Azrieli successfully addressed their complex requirements and enhanced customer experience, offering a convenient and enjoyable shopping journey.
Trobos.lt – Your headless marketplace with Sylius Plus and Vue Storefront
built by Adeo Web
Although the world has been gradually coming back to “normal life”, the pandemics have had a profound impact on our lives and some of our habits have changed or at least tweaked a little bit. Trobos.lt exploits the idea of moving very palpable experiences to the virtual world. And - of course - whereas shopping online has been around for a while, this Lithuanian brand has gone a step further. Because why not visit a virtual shopping mall?
Nachhaltiger Sylius-basierter Online-Shop integriert mit Pimcore – Planeta Huerto
Nachhaltiger Sylius-basierter Online-Shop integriert mit Pimcore – Planeta Huerto
built by
BitBag, unser führender Lösungspartner, hat Sylius als E-Commerce-Plattform verwendet. Planeta Huerto hat erfolgreich die Herausforderungen bewältigt und eine reibungslose Leistung auf Desktops, Tablets und Smartphones gewährleistet. Die implementierten Lösungen erleichtern das effiziente Management mehrerer Kunden und bieten durch die Möglichkeit, zukünftig neue Funktionen hinzuzufügen oder zu modifizieren, eine unkomplizierte Skalierbarkeit.
    built by Creatim
    Extralux, a wholesale office supplier, conceived an innovative business model to optimize the availability of its products at a minimal cost. They asked Creatim to build a solution that draws on the distributed inventory model. By providing an optimized inventory at customers’ locations, refilling them regularly, and charging only for materials that have been used, the Extralux’s customers never run out of stock again.