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Midland: „Moving communication“ through Europe with Sylius
Based on this case study, it's clear that Webgriffe completed the project for Midland, effectively addressing the challenges presented and meeting the company's needs. By leveraging their expertise and strategic planning, Webgriffe improved Midland's digital presence and enhanced the brand's overall online user experience. The collaboration between Midland and Webgriffe, rooted in a deep understanding of Midland's goals and identity, has led to significant improvements across the board. This project exemplifies how a well-executed digital strategy and thoughtful implementation can transform a company's online ecosystem, making Webgriffe an integral partner in Midland's ongoing success.
Midland: „Moving communication“ through Europe with Sylius

About the company

Midland is an Italian company that designs and produces high-quality and technologically innovative radio devices, such as CB radios, walkie-talkies, intercoms, and more. The company has over 15 branches and a distribution network in over 90 countries, showing its global reach and importance in the radio communication industry. For over 60 years, Midland has been actively developing its business in the international market, being one of the leading brands in radio communications since 1959.


The partnership between Webgriffe and Midland began in 2020 and focused on branding, communication, and marketing efforts. Following the success of this initial project, Midland has given Webgriffe a new challenge: to improve its website and eCommerce platform to stand out in the competitive and complex world of electronics. Before migration to Sylius, Midland’s online store was built on Magento 2. However, this platform needed to fit the brand’s needs more as it grew, especially regarding management smoothness. Midland encountered several problems before moving away from Magento 2, including issues integrating the product catalog with their management system and difficulties customizing the website’s content and making changes to the front end.


Webgriffe, having been Midland’s digital partner for over four years, suggested Sylius because of its headless architecture, high adaptability, and the capability to customize and integrate with other systems. This choice aimed to reach the brand’s primary goal: to create a tailored and adaptable digital ecosystem based on the client’s requirements.

The digital ecosystem of the midlandeurope.com website was completely rebuilt: Webgriffe chose the headless Sylius platform and linked it with the ERP, Akeneo PIM for product information management, Active Campaign for marketing automation, and the company’s CRM system. Webgriffe also focused on giving Midland’s team as much flexibility and control over content management by deeply integrating with the headless CMS Contentful. Moreover, extensive integration was done with the eCommerce platform and the newly revamped Customer Support section, where users can get help and find all the necessary product info like video tutorials, manuals, firmware, and software.


Webgriffe put a lot of thought into the strategic planning of the project. They set up and led focus groups that included people from every company department, managers of different product lines, and the sales team. With the insights and shared thoughts from these groups, they came up with a Digital Strategy plan that fits Midland’s identity.

The whole development team got to work on building the new Midland ecosystem. The backend developers created the system, ensuring it worked well with the ERP, management, and CRM platforms. Meanwhile, the frontend developers concentrated on making the website easy and pleasant, especially on mobile phones, by adopting a mobile-first design strategy to guarantee the site works great on mobile devices.


Migration to Sylius has been a positive step for Midland, leading to several enhancements in the site’s performance and capabilities. After the site was launched, it got even better with updates usually made after a site goes live, affecting both the backend and frontend. The development team didn’t run into any big problems or roadblocks while making these continuous improvements, showing that Sylius is a flexible platform that can meet different needs. This flexibility has made everyday tasks easier for the development and Midland teams.