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Textbook Ordering Platform for Šviesa
Textbook Ordering Platform for Šviesa
built by Nordcode
Uzsakymas.lt is a platform to order textbooks and other educational press created especially for schools by Šviesa, a Lithuanian publishing house. It has been created with the main goal of books pre-sale, so the e-store had to flawlessly accommodate large orders and partial orders (100+ items of various products). At the same time, it had be integrated with third parties systems, and have an easy admin’s content operations panel. Our partner Nordcode decided to go headless using a decoupled front end set up on Nuxt.Js to make the content work faster and less complicated. The huge amount of product metadata related to textbooks required a reliable PIM tool, such as Akeneo along with a powerful search engine, in this case - ElasticSearch. They connected all of the puzzles with a powerful back end engine - Sylius e-commerce platform and additional Symfony customisations.